“Sweet goes keto” – my new public lecture

If you are following me on social media you might have noticed that I am announcing a special event under the name “Sweet Goes Keto“. Sounds familiar? Well, yes… I know that on keto we don’t give much space to sweet treats. However, holidays are ahead of us. It’s difficult to avoid all the sugary attacks. Especially for people who already suffer from various medical conditions. This is why I decided to gift a public speech to the people of my current town and region. When I say “gift”, I really mean it.  Together with the association Vedrina, I will offer a unique concept of a public lecture, presentation, workshop and demonstration. Sweet? why not! Of course, there will be some serious tasting as well.

Why Sweet goes Keto?

Specifically, because we are entering the tempting times. I am not talking only about the temptation for people who are struggling with weight loss. Specifically, I am talking about children with diabetes. I feel the need to present Keto way of living to their parents. I am not promoting restrictions and forbidden fruits. It’s always better to try finding solutions for missing sweets. I believe that if we follow a good path of clean and nutritious meals, there is no reason to avoid small desserts. Of course, not in between the meals, but right after the main meal. Alternatively, a keto dessert can be a replacement for dinner if it was prepared properly.

Can we really eat dessert every day?

As you can read in my recipes, keto sweets are rich in nutrients. They provide you with the right amount of macronutrients that can, in certain cases, replace a whole meal. This doesn’t mean that they will become your main meal. I am always emphasising those green vegetables, good fat sources, moderate protein and some refreshments in the form of seeds, nuts, berries or even homemade chocolate. There is really no reason to avoid good food. This way you will have real holidays. Keto cuisine, in my opinion, can be the healthiest and tastiest one if we approach it correctly. Yes, health is our No. 1 goal. But if we suppress our natural urge to eat sweets, we might end up with some psychological issues.

Importance of breaking prejudices

I have heard all sorts of prejudices and false accusations of keto lifestyle. Some people confuse it with high protein diets. Others constantly keep being scared of it. The only way we can fight this is to talk out loud about benefits of keto diet in public events. People tend to take things much more seriously when you talk to them directly. This is why I will talk about industrially destroyed foods. How to avoid them and how to read the labels correctly. I will demystify the artificial sweeteners and give a solution for Stevia aftertaste. Furthermore, I will give some guidelines on how to enjoy festivity without cereals, sugar, additives, hydrogenated vegetable oils and artificial sweeteners.

Great response from product donators

Our association Vedrina contacted several health food suppliers and major food companies of the region. Not to ask them for sponsorships, but for a donation of their healthy products. The response was more than amazing! we gathered some great ingredients and we will prepare healthy cakes, muffins, biscuits and my healthy chocolate. This way I will have a strong argument when I say that healthy sweets can be consumed daily. My main goal was to make something for children who are fighting diabetes, autoimmune diseases or any similar problem. If their parents learn how to change their lives, every member of their family will benefit from it. I will give this lecture in English, so stay tuned for some videos!

Great thanks to following donators:

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