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Keto profiterole

Keto profiterole with unbelievable 0,8g net carbs

Keto Profiterole is here Ketonians! What a successful ketonisation. 😉 Not only that it looks and taste amazing, but it’s also extremely low in carbs! Only 0,8g net carbs per piece. Well, it’s only logical because they are basically made of eggs, butter and 2 tbsp of coconut flour… The […]

Keto coconut pudding

Keto coconut pudding – Versatile base to many variations

Keto coconut pudding is really the most tweakable and versatile pudding! It can give one million ideas to Ketonians who love pudding and want to take more collagen on daily basis. Besides wonderful flavour, this pudding can be utilised on so many different ways! It really can inspire you and […]

Keto dessert

Keto dessert and 7 mistakes Ketonians often make

Keto dessert is a subject of great controversy. All around the World Wide Web, on social media, and especially on Twitter, you will find different opinions and advice from Keto and Low-Carb promoters. We like to call them Keto Evangelists! Many of them will question if it’s necessary to have Keto […]

Keto Tiramisu

Keto Tiramisu in just 10 minutes – lift me up Venetia!

Keto Tiramisu is often a subject of conversation among Keto foodies. In fact, many Ketonians tried different Keto and sugar-free variations of this coffee-infused dessert. In particular, Mascarpone cheese became popular thanks to this glorious Venetian invention. Since it’s Italian, it’s obviously within the Mediterranean tradition. Well, we can call […]

Keto profiterole with unbelievable 0,8g net carbs 2

Keto Baklava – The Dream Came True

Keto Baklava, how about it? If I got a coin each time I was asked to ketonise baklava, I would be writing this from a yacht parked in Santorini. Ok, I am joking, but really, Keto Baklava is something that every Keto foodie who loves Greek and oriental food – […]

Keto Pie

Crumbly Keto Pie with Red Berries

Crumbly Keto Pie is a result of a simple baking experiment. You know those times when you want to make a cake without baking soda or powder! And you know that it’s possible, just you need to find the right ratio of dry and wet ingredients. Well, of course, it […]

Keto sausage

Keto sausage wants to be a dessert

Keto sausage? When you hear this you think that any meat sausage can be Keto sausage, with or without nitrates. I am sure that you had enough different Keto sausage variations while experimenting with the meal preparation on the ketogenic diet, I even tried fish sausage which was extremely tasty! […]

Keto cinnamon

Keto cinnamon truffles – with the magic number 12

Keto cinnamon truffles could be the fastest dessert you’ll ever prepare. The ease of assembling and beauty of interlaced aromas will lift them high up on your keto dessert list. Well, you can call them cinnamon fat bombs because, simply, this is what they are! I’ll make sure they are loaded […]

Keto coffee dessert

Keto coffee dessert – when sudden guests arrive

Keto coffee dessert is something I created with the Greek hospitality in mind. In my country, or in any other country where Greeks live, you cannot come to their home without being bombed with food offerings. Eat, drink and talk a lot! If you have some Greek friends, and if […]

Keto Panna cotta

Keto Panna Cotta – Greek-Italian love affair

How about Keto Panna Cotta? Isn’t this the simplest, yet most delicious dessert from Italy? I will continue my Italian adventure with this Ketonisation of famous Italian dessert. But, of course, it will have a little extra dash of Greece! I am sure there are numerous recipes all around the world-wide-web […]