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Zero Carb Tyropita

Zero carb Tyropita was the most natural sequel to Keto Boureki. You will also find it transcribed into latin alphabet as tiropita, but tyropita is closer to Greek pronunciation. But what is it? It could be the most famous Greek pie of them all, even more known than Spanakopita. Well, humans have been assembling cheese…

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Greek Feta in a homemade marinade – Another level of Ketonian “Gourmetism”

Greek Feta is on the throne of healthy dairy products and we wrote about this on so many occasions. Well, you can simply cut a piece of mighty feta, or crumble it and turn any dish into fantasy meal. However, please forgive us for being repetitive – Greek Feta is authentic only if made in Greece and only if it was made with sheep and goat milk!

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Baked Feta appetiser – The ultimate Keto Mediterranean experience

Baked Feta cheese might be the most delicious and healthy appetiser you’ll ever prepare. You will need authentic Greek Feta cheese available in our webshop.

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Cheese – The ultimate Ketonian guide to moderation

Cheese is life! Many would agree. In fact, if you are a lover of mythology, as we are, you will remember at least three stories about humans, gods and cheese. It’s even present in the famous Oddysy (See the movie trailer below) and that would be one of the healthiest cheeses humans can consume –…

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Avocado and Feta mash – A potassium and sodium love affair

Avocado and Feta cheese could be the match made in paradise! We are talking about the real goat or sheep milk Feta here! Real Feta can supply you with key vitamins and minerals, but it can also be high in saturated fat and sodium. Now, if you are a Ketonian, you already know that saturated fat…

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Keto Spanakopita – The quick version

Keto Spanakopita could be the most popular Greek pie ever posted on this website. Spinach is one of those things that people simply love or hate! However, things are different when it comes to Greek spanakopita. I am not talking only about the original version with carby phyllo dough! The old-fashioneds Keto spanakopita which we…

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Goat feta, eggplant and zucchini – Healthy Keto bites

During the summer, in all Mediterranean countries, zucchini and eggplants are widely available. Each country has their own version of delicious dishes made with these valuable vegetables. In Greece, we have at least 4 different colours of eggplant available. The taste is slightly different too! This gave me the idea to create another recipe suitable…

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World-famous Greek salad with Keto macros

Greek salad became extremely popular during the eighties and onwards. Not only in Europe, in Australia and America, our hard-working diaspora opened thousands of Greek tavernas, some of which are quite expensive and even gourmet. There are Greek restaurants even in Japan and from what I hear, they are extremely popular among Japanese people and…

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Kagiana: The Keto Spartan Recipe

The most beloved Greek omelet Greek cuisine uses tomatoes wherever possible. Not only for famous Greek salads, Moussaka and cooked meals but also in simple meals like Kagiana. This dish can be enjoyed at any time of day. Many will be surprised that it remains equally delicious and consistent even when it’s chilled for a few hours in…