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Keto choco crepes with lemon yoghurt sauce

Keto choco crepes saw the light of Greek afternoon as an ideal brunch. As you might already know, we don’t actually promote having breakfast in the morning. We believe that fasting in the morning gives a lot of benefits and speeds up the fat loss process. Not only that we believe it, we saw it…

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Choco-Orange Keto blues cake

Choco-Orange blues is one of those delicacies from the carby world that Keto foodies and lovers of chocolate miss the most. Remember all the desserts where they infused chocolate with orange, or covered orange jello with some dark chocolate? Well, you don’t have to dream and think about those desserts as thing of the past….

Desserts | Mediterranean | Recipes

Keto pancakes with Greek yoghurt and grass-fed beef gelatine

Keto pancakes are popular because they stand exactly in the middle between the old habits and a new feeling of convenience while eating only Ketogenic food. Keto pancake recipes, in the beginning, were organised around almond and coconut flours and all the Ketonians were happy. As time passes, many of us discover that nut-based flours…

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Creamy Keto Strawberry Jello

Creamy Keto recipes are all over this website, aren’t they? Well, that is because we love sour cream. Now, you might know that we are not quite fans of cow’s milk products. However, we are aware that it’s not easy to find goat milk products everywhere on this planet. That’s actually sad, but what can…

Desserts | Mediterranean | Recipes

Greek yoghurt Keto cake – The champion of no-bake goodies

Greek yoghurt Keto cake is not a cheesecake, even though it looks that way! This wonderful ketonisation is based on real Greek yoghurt but it still has good Keto macros and it’s as nutritious as any other Greek Goes Keto cake! When it comes to texture, it features the same amount of creaminess and jello-ness!…

Desserts | Mediterranean | Recipes

Gunpowder, gelatine – Dynamite with a laser beam

Gelatine is one of those rare things left to Ketonians to satisfy their fruit cravings. And not only that, if your Keto treat is prepared with grass-fed beef gelatine, it’s extremely healthy! Furthermore, grass-fed beef gelatine will provide you with beneficial collagen. However, gelatine on its own is quite tasteless! In the world outside of Ketonia,…