Keto taramasalata – It can be done without bread and potatoes!

Keto Taramasalata was one of the most requested Ketonisations we kept receiving from Greeks and lovers of everything Greek. It’s extremely popular among tourists but rarely anyone knows the ancient recipe. We thought, since we ketonised the Skordalia, a good Ketonian will know how to turn it into Taramasalata with just adding some fish roe….

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Keto crepes with Feta – Ohh la-la the creaminess!

Keto crepes with Feta cheese is another project of ketonisation and unusual combination. I could have just used goat or sheep cream cheese and prepare standard Keto crepes. In fact, we already have several recipes that call for mascarpone or cream cheese in the crepes batter. One of them is our most successful recipe that…


Keto snowballs of fire or white truffles for the finest foodies of Ketonia

Keto snowballs of fire sound like the biggest oxymoron on the planet. We should call the Keto truffles, but they are so much more than that… Well, can something look like a snowball but pack so much energy? Followed by seductive flavour, nutrients, and the explosion of emotions? Ohh, trust me it can and this…

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Flourless Keto chocolate cake – Patient foodie dream of Ketonia

Flourless Keto chocolate cake was a huge success and you can check the recipe here. I published it this summer and it was quite refreshing enjoying it cold after a good Keto meal. But, I thought to myself, how to bring this creation to a higher, more festive level? As a person born in October,…

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Carnivore Moussaka – Let it be Greek to you

Carnivore Moussaka anyone? How about this crazy but delicious idea! I was just talking to my butcher about slicing the veal very thin for Viener schnitzel when the idea came to me. Instead of layers of zucchini, eggplant and tomato, why don’t I try to make a Carnivore Moussaka? I asked my friendly butcher to…

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Ancient Greek bread – A low-carb version

Ancient Greek bread was worshipped almost like a holy grail! Well, literally, in ancient Greece, there were competitions and prizes, poems and stories about bakers who would make best, tastiest and richest bread. It was considered as a work of art, so naturally, it was offered to their Olympian Gods on special holidays.

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Ancient chewing gum is totally Keto friendly – Mastic from the island of Chios

However, there is something completely natural, completely sugar-free and extremely aromatic that can and should become a part of every Ketonian lifestyle. This ancient chewing gum is called Mastic and guess what – it comes from Greece! 😉

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Ancient pine syrup Ketonised – Magic from the Schinias forest

Ancient Pine needle syrup with Keto sweetener.

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Baked Feta appetiser – The ultimate Keto Mediterranean experience

Baked Feta cheese might be the most delicious and healthy appetiser you’ll ever prepare. You will need authentic Greek Feta cheese available in our webshop.

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Keto Rabbit stew – A Greek Twist to famous Hasenpfeffer

Keto rabbit stew is so delicious and nutritious that you can treat it as medicinal food. Try this outstanding Greek recipe with Keto macros.