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10 best Keto Mediterranean recipes everyone will love

10 best Keto Mediterranean recipes in one article! This came as a request from our Instagram page follower and we decided to make it happen! Yes, people sometimes don’t have the time or will to search through the specific section of our page. Well, we decided to help them here! 😉 Keto Mediterranean diet became…

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Isolation, Quaranteen, Coronavirus, fear – How Greek Goes Keto can help?

Isolation is one of the most difficult challenges human psychology has to endure. It has been used as the scariest punishment measure in jails around the globe for centuries. However, we are living in a dystopian movie scenario called Coronavirus pandemic and we need to find a way to stay mentally healthy! Quarantine, fear of…


Age is just a number – a small guide to happy Ketonian life

Age is just a number if you escape the chains of prejudice and social dogma. When they tell you something is not appropriate for your age, think about it, why is it not? Why would something be appropriate only for a certain age? I will try to write my thoughts on this day when I…

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A Ketonian that keeps inspiring – Presenting Richard Hadvina

Ketonian, what does it mean? It’s is a term many of you became accustomed to since we use it often in live videos, articles, or on our apparel. But what does it actually represent? It’s not just another way to describe a person who’s following the ketogenic diet. It’s much more than that! Now, we…

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Keto Mediterranean lifestyle and how the sea affects us positively

Keto Mediterranean lifestyle – how I got inspired after a wonderful week in Ancient Marathon by the blue Aegean sea and positive effect of just watching it

Keto For Beginners | Keto Lifestyle | Mediterranean

Keto Mediterranean diet and how to do it properly?

Keto Mediterranean diet, as you could read in this article, is the healthiest and cleanest Keto you can follow. It’s not a kind of diet that you follow for a month or two. It’s the Keto you can choose for life. The reason the Mediterranean diet has been proclaimed as the healthiest is not in…

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Golden Φ of nutrition

Mediterranean diet became extremely popular in the past two decades. Many scientific studies have shown that this might be the healthiest diet in the world! It was conceived from the traditional eating patterns of Mediterranean countries, such as Greece, Italy, Spain, Croatia, and southern France. It’s based mainly on seafood, olive oil, goat and sheep…