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Keto duck roast – stuffed with Valentine’s spirit and energy

Keto duck roast is the first poultry roast that has ever been published on Greek Goes Keto since on KMD we try to avoid poultry. Well, if you eat it, try to make it only on rare occasions. Yes, Greek Goes Keto does never include chicken, but here or there you’ll find some other birds….

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Sardines on Keto? Healthiest fish and healthiest Keto recipe

Sardines on Keto Mediterranean Diet should be included weekly. If possible, you will eat them daily as a side dish or even as a pâté!  You might say, what’s there to Ketonise? Fish is already quite Keto-friendly food! Well, we will not roast sardines in olive oil as you would expect! For roasting, I’ll use something that…

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Keto Blueberry Mousse – Superfood for the Brain

Keto blueberry mousse is my answer to all the questions on consuming more antioxidants in raw form. Of course, there are one million smoothies or salad recipes that will help you consume raw vegetables and Keto friendly fruits. However, this specific recipe will work as a booster of macronutrients and micronutrients. We are all facing…