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Oriental wind keto cake

Oriental Wind Keto Cake

Oriental Wind Keto cake is turbo inspired, aromatic and quite intensive in taste. If you are a lover of oriental desserts, then you know what it means! Take Baklava, Basbousa/Ravani or Halva for example… All these oriental treats, in their original forms, scream one thing – the villain called sugar! […]

Keto Baklava – The Dream Came True

Keto Baklava, how about it? If I got a coin each time I was asked to ketonise baklava, I would be writing this from a yacht parked in Santorini. Ok, I am joking, but really, Keto Baklava is something that every Keto foodie who loves Greek and oriental food – […]

keto meatballs greek avgolemono

Keto meatballs with avgolemono sauce

My previous recipe for Greek keto meatballs went quite well on all social media. Followers asked me if they cook be prepared without tomato sauce. Well, of course, I remembered the famous Greek sauce which is totally Keto friendly. We call it avgolemono (αυγολέμονο) which literally means egg and lemon. […]