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Top Keto Christmas recipes by Greek Goes Keto

Top Keto Christmas creations in one single article. Yes, we made a list of the best, tastiest, festive and delicious recipes for the winter season. Naturally, you can prepare them for any of the winter festivities. In fact, our Top Keto Christmas recipes can serve as a menu or inspiration. You cannot go wrong if you make just one of them. On the other side, why don’t you make all of them? Serve them to your family or friends for this Christmas. They are suitable for everyone, even if they don’t know or care about Keto.

As you know, all our recipes are made with clean, organic ingredients and literally, everybody can enjoy them. We care about nourishment, flavour, aroma, texture and finally, appearance. You don’t have to worry about details. We have served these meals to many people who never heard about Keto. Interestingly, they loved every dish we served. You don’t even have to tell your guests this is a Keto menu, just say it’s a special and festive dinner or lunch! So, get ready, here we go!

Top Keto Christmas cold appetiser

This is the royal starter of all starters and it’s 100% Keto friendly. You can’t go wrong with Keto Salmon mousse. If you serve it at the beginning of your Christmas meal, everybody will know that you prepared an extraordinary feast. If it starts with this, imagine the level of quality you aim for! Everybody will feel important, appreciated, noble and special. Indeed, we should all feel this way during the holidays. If you invest the time and effort to make such a brilliant appetiser, you too should be extremely proud of yourself!

Top Keto Christmas warm appetiser

It was difficult to pick just one for this list. We believe all of them are great, but somehow this recipe won our hearts. Keto meatballs with kalamata olives! Just have a look, don’t they look heavenly? Everyone loves them and everyone asks for more when we prepare them. Of course, you can make any of our Keto meatballs and we have 5 different recipes. However, Kalamata olives are the queens of all olives and they get even tastier in this version!

Top Keto Christmas Soup

Yes, you can prepare any of our Avgolemono based soups. They all are based on eggs, lemon and meat or fish. However, our Creamy Keto soup with rosehips is the most elegant one. Not only that it looks great, but it also packs top nutrients for the winter. The flavour is mild and creamy, just enough to get you ready for the main course. Furthermore, the silky texture of this soup will make everyone’s heart warm.

Top Keto Christmas main dish

Here comes the King of all roasts! Kleftiko Lamb roast is a traditional Greek recipe that will make anyone fall in love with the lamb. Some can say they never liked lamb, but once they try this version they will change their mind. The specific method includes stuffing the meat with garlic and cheese- Furthermore, you will be slowly baking it for 3-4 hours. On top of all, there are Mediterranean herbs. Finally, it tastes so delicious that nothing can compare to it. No turkey, no beef, no pork – Lamb roast is the healthiest and tastiest meat on earth! Follow the recipe strictly and get surprised how lamb can taste great if you make it this way!

Top Keto Christmas cake

We have so many Keto cake recipes. Some of them are specifically created for Christmas. If you want a chocolate cake, we have so many recipes. But after such a rich dinner or lunch, do you think anyone will have the space for a heavy cake? You will need something festive, alright. But can it be light as a feather and weightless as an Angel? Can it be made with only 3 ingredients plus a dash of sweetener? Oh yes, Our Keto Angel cake is the winner of this category!

Extra category – non-baked dessert

We had to add this category in case you decide to make dessert at the last minute with as little effort as possible. Of course, you can just use a blender a make a raw Keto mousse. However, this creation will look so much better! Our Keto edible candles will impress anyone and they will taste so insanely great. Have a look, don’t they look perfect for the Keto Christmas table?

Best of all beverages

Did you think we’ll choose Aggmjolk, Eggnog, Ancient cacao drink, or even our alien tea? Well, we do have all those recipes but leave them for days when you’ll be eating nothing and recovering with just a cup of one of them. For this special day, we chose something as simple as water! Of course, we made it special by infusing it with some refreshing flavour. But still, it’s just water. In fact, You don’t need anything else. Naturally, some people will opt for alcohol, but as a Ketonian – you know better. You can be funnier, crazier, happier and more energetic with just naturally flavoured water. Let them wonder how is this possible. Where do you find all this mental energy to prepare such a feast and then laugh and enjoy the dinner. Let them be just a little bit jealous of you! ;)

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