When Keto doesn't work

When Keto doesn’t work for you and how to fix it?

When Keto doesn’t work as it’s supposed or as it works for other people, the frustration is unmeasurable. I’ve received so many successful stories, but also a few disappointments that I wanted to investigate. In fact, the Keto diet is designed to totally change your metabolism and rearrange the way many of your organ systems work. From glucose as the main fuel, you are slowly shifting to less and less dependence on it. Naturally, your goal is to utilise ketones as energy. But, in this period of shifting, most of Keto enthusiasts have troubles and many of them give up. 🙁 The level of this trouble depends on the level of your sugar addiction prior to going Keto. However, there are some other factors too.

I decided to assemble a small guide that will help you understand why and when Keto doesn’t work for you. With just small changes and a huge decision to switch to the healthiest version of Keto (KMD),  you will be seeing results within a week or two.

Weight loss is not the primary goal, it’s the positive consequence

So, you’ve decided to go Keto because you and everyone around you think you are overweight? Maybe you are, but that’s not your main problem. Obviously, your body is going through a lot of negative things impacted by different factors. All these things are dictated by your general lifestyle, not necessarily only your nutrition. Those extra kilos or pounds represent only the top of your iceberg. Before you start exploring those “before and after” photos and the motivating stories, consider something else. When Keto doesn’t work for you? Well, in many cases, people approach Keto from a wrong point of view.

Weight loss and only weight loss…

Let’s admit it, the vast majority of people is trying Keto just because they want to shrink a bit! And if this grows into an obsession, the weight loss (I mean fat-loss) will not happen where it has to – inside and out! Weighing yourself each day on the scale, obsessively comparing with another Ketonians who rapidly lost all the excess inches and centimetres around the waist. And the worst of it all, comparing your lack of success with your partner of the opposite sex or even different age. This habit really is not your friend!

On your Keto journey, there’s nobody else but you and your Keto life. Build a healthy relationship with it, consider it as your healer, not your dictator. Understand that it will work as long as you approach it from the ancient point of view. Back to the kitchen (preparing all your food from scratch at home) and spending more time outdoors, (walking, hiking, swimming, climbing, hunting, even flying) would describe the ancient way of living!

When Keto doesn't work

How to fix this?

Simply, throw that scale away or lock it in a cabinet for at least 6 months! Concentrate on the nutrient density, those ingredients that really move the metabolism of health and throw away all the industrial supplements, exogenous ketones and other promising “fast-working” things. Decide you’ll not buy not even a single piece of industrially processed food/treats, even if they are labelled as Keto! You’ll make everything from scratch at home and you will invest the money you saved from not buying the supplements in anti-inflammatory, organic foods that will provide you with all the minerals, vitamins and micro-nutrients.

Search the internet or local offer for quail eggs, free-range eggs of duck, hen or goose. Have more lamb, less pork. Have grass-fed beef and include bluefish and seafood at least once per week.  Let your vegetables be your side dish, not your main dish. Ditch cow’s dairy totally and treat yourself with goat or sheep milk products. You’ll see the positive impact of this within the first week.

When Keto doesn’t work and it works against you?

I have one thing to say here –


I am sorry for shouting, but this is the only way I can express my feelings and opinion about this. First of all, why in the world do you need that 90-second Keto bread? Are you so dependant on the bread that you’ll nuke all your ingredients in that harmful microwave just to place a piece of meat into something that has zero nutritional benefits? By excluding all industrial products, you already made a great move in the right direction. So, why would you go back to that direction again by utilising industrial gums (xanthan and guar) and microwave ovens? Be honest with yourself, did you see any promoter of dirty Keto that looks really healthy, strong, full of life and perfectly fit? Didn’t think so…

Dirty Keto cannot work on long distances because sooner or later health problems will appear. Dirty Keto, in fact, can be more unhealthy than the standard diet, so you better go Paleo or Low-Carb if you really cannot stand the absence of sugar and starch on the Keto level.

Treating the real issue – sugar addiction

This is the ideal starting point for the majority of new Ketonians. You need to treat your sugar addiction first and let this be your primary goal. At the point when your taste buds are reprogrammed, you’ll notice that your life is getting better on so many levels. Yes, I mean psychologically too! Sugar addiction is extremely connected to emotional eating and brain chemistry. Once you realise your main problem lays in this, you will place all your energy in fixing this problem.

We are all just big children and we would love to live a life in Willy Wonka’s factory. Well, our bodies at a certain point cannot stand it! They break like a badly designed robot if too much sugar is present on a daily basis. And sugar, let us repeat this, is not only in sweets. It’s hidden in just about anything from the industrial savoury or sweet treats, bread, pasta, or even meat products.

When Keto doesn't work

Sugar addiction is not treated by switching to industrial Keto-friendly sweeteners, but with taste buds reprogramming. After this, you’ll need far less sweetener and you’ll be able to make a treat or a dessert that will not trigger cravings! Reprogramming the taste buds is a 40-day training program that can greatly help you regain your health both mentally and physically. Greek goes Keto offers this program with an e-book and detailed day-by-day guide! Contact us for more info! 

A quick checklist of things which make Keto work!

  1. Work on fixing your sugar addiction (both mentally and physically, reprogramme your taste buds)
  2. Make everything from scratch at home and use organic, nutrient-dense ingredients, try sourcing ancient foods (quail eggs, wild game, internals, sea-food, Seabuckthorn)
  3. Each day try to fast 20 minutes longer than the previous day until you are able to easily fast 16 hours (including your 8 hours sleep)
  4. Invest in good mattress, pillow, sleepwear, beddings and work on your sleep schedule. (Everything good happens when we sleep: muscle growth, healing, weight loss, brain reprogramming, dreams)
  5. Ditch the nuts and cow’s dairy products for at least 4 months if you are facing a weight loss plateau 
  6. Increase physical activity as much as you can. If you don’t like the gym, there are so many outdoor activities that can speed up the healing, and therefore your body shaping
  7. Fall in Love! (No, seriously, you can develop a new passion, hobby or anything that will activate your positive brain waves. Falling in love is one of those waves)

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