Baking With Fewer Carbs – eBook


 Baking with fewer carbs – our new eBook is not a classic cookbook but an old-fashioned manual with so many sources of inspiration. This book is a culmination of countless hours spent in the kitchen, experimenting, refining, and infusing traditional recipes with healthier, low-carb alternatives.

You will find all the well-known classics:

  • classic dough types – their low-carb versions
  • cake batters – all the tweaks for low-carb or keto versions
  • pizza crusts, bread types tweaked in the universe of clean low-carb ingredients.
  • Biscuits and cookies – with examples of low-carb creations

There are tips and technique explanations, measuring methods, nutritional science, health-evaluation of all the available sweeteners, alternatives as well as charts with low-carb binding agents, rising agents, fats, flours and much more.

This unique book has a 50% discounted price only during the winter holidays, so hurry up and get your copy now!

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Baking with fewer carbs, our newest eBook could be a perfect gift for talented bakers who want to learn all about baking with low-carb ingredients. This is not a classic cookbook, more like a manual, old-fashioned almanac and much more than that. The book is featuring inspiring illustration, charts, tables and texts written by Roberta Kapsalis, the main author of all your favourite Greek Goes Keto recipes  with a retro attitude but covering all the contemporary subjects. This special eBook will be available with a 50% discount till 1. of January 2024 so hurry up tog et your copy! If you are not the passionate baker, then this will be a perfect gift for someone who loves to bake, but cares about health and wellbeing of those eating their baked magic.

The book also offers tips and advice for those who don’t follow ketogenic or low-carb diet but still want to bake with healthier ingredients. Whether you follow a specific diet or simply crave healthier options, Baking with Fewer Carbs offers a gateway to guilt-free indulgence. Picture savouring a decadent brownie or relishing a fluffy, low-carb croissant without worrying about carb overload.

Baking with Fewer Carbs isn’t  a typical cookbook; it’s a lifestyle companion that opens the door to healthier baking without sacrificing the flavour. Explore the art of baking without boundaries this holiday season!


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