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In our quest for Mediterranean or Keto recipes online, you may have come across the esteemed Greek Goes Keto website, along with our YouTube channel and social media pages. With five years of dedicated content creation, we are thrilled to announce the release of our first Keto Mediterranean cookbook.

As a married couple with a shared passion for history, art, gastronomy, and healthy living, we also contribute articles on various aspects of the Keto Mediterranean lifestyle. In today’s fast-paced world, where ultra-processed foods and hectic lifestyles contribute to widespread health issues, we believe that reconnecting with our ancestral wisdom is crucial. Through our writing on the Mediterranean lifestyle, we aim to provide solutions to global health problems, encompassing nutrition and overall lifestyle choices.

Based in different historical locations, including Athens, Greece during the summer months, and Croatia, Montenegro, Italy and Bosnia & Herzegovina throughout the rest of the year, we have the opportunity to explore diverse Mediterranean regions. This allows us to draw inspiration from the rich cultural and culinary heritage of these areas, infusing our work with a deep appreciation for the historical significance of Mediterranean cuisine and lifestyle.

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Apollonas G. Kapsalis:

Apollonas G. Kapsalis is a highly-regarded professional in the field of nutrition, with a wealth of experience and expertise. He holds a Bachelor’s degree from The University of Modern Sciences in Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina, and has a strong background in sports performance and health optimization.

As a Clean Sport Advisor for UK Anti-Doping (UKAD) and a former professional basketball player, Kapsalis has honed his knowledge and skills in the realm of ketogenic and low-carb diets. His specialized expertise extends to understanding the potential impact of these dietary approaches on sports performance, as well as their efficacy in addressing conditions such as diabetes type 2 and insulin resistance. Kapsalis is particularly renowned for his deep understanding of the Keto Mediterranean diet and intermittent fasting, and how they can be utilized for reversing type 2 diabetes and insulin resistance.

With a professional and scientific approach to nutrition, Kapsalis is recognized as a trusted authority, offering valuable insights and evidence-based recommendations for optimizing health and performance through dietary strategies. His vast knowledge and experience make him a respected figure in the nutrition and sports performance communities.

Roberta Kapsalis:

Roberta Kapsalis, a native of Bosnia and Herzegovina, is a multifaceted individual with a background in fine arts, theatre, and music. After completing her education at the esteemed Academy of Fine Arts, Roberta has held various roles including those of a teacher, graphic designer, journalist, marketing executive, and visual designer/illustrator. Her diverse interests encompass blogging, sci-fi writing, piano playing, and exploring history, reflecting her passion for creativity and exploration. As a dedicated foodie and ancient gastronomy enthusiast, Roberta’s artistic flair extends to her culinary pursuits.

Roberta’s culinary endeavours often involve exploring the fusion of ancient and futuristic gastronomic concepts. Her culinary creations prioritize organic, clean, healthy, and nourishing ingredients, and she sees the ketogenic diet as a challenging yet powerful healing tool. She invests considerable effort in the process of “ketonisation,” wherein she skillfully adapts traditional Mediterranean cuisine dishes to adhere to the principles of the ketogenic diet. Throughout this culinary journey, Roberta seeks the guidance and approval of Apollonas, drawing upon his expertise in nutrition science. She views Apollonas as a valuable source of inspiration and a trusted advisor in her culinary pursuits.