Greek Goes Keto

Have you ever searched for Mediterranean or Keto recipes on the internet? If yes, there is a big chance you found the Greek goes Keto website. Furthermore, maybe you landed on our YouTube channel or any of our pages on the social network. After 5 years of running these pages, we decided to publish our first Keto Mediterranean cookbook.

We are a married couple that shares a passion for history, art, gastronomy and healthy living. Also, we write articles about different aspects of the Keto Mediterranean lifestyle. For example, in today’s world, ultra-processed food, speed of living and other factors are making more people sick and tired. We believe that we have to get back in touch with our ancestors. When we write about the Mediterranean lifestyle, we give a solution to global problems. From nutrition to lifestyle, humans could achieve a great change by revoking ancient wisdom. We reside and travel between different historical places, Athens, Greece (during the summer months) Croatia, Montenegro and Herzegovina during the rest of the year. This allows us to explore different Mediterranean areas.

More about Greek Goes Keto couple

Apollonas G. Kapsalis:  

I was born in Athens, Greece where I grew up on the standard Mediterranean cuisine. As I was growing up, I developed affinities for sports and health. Therefore, I studied Sports science and rehabilitation and played basketball professionally. My interest in nutrition led me to continue my studies in other European countries. While working on my Master’s degree in nutrition science, I also gained multiple international certifications in nutrition. In particular, a Level 2 certification in nutritional therapy.

Furthermore, I have been writing for health and sports-oriented magazines and websites. I also worked as a fitness specialist and personal trainer. Working with clients and helping them regain their health through nutrition and lifestyle is my passion. On daily basis, I perform consulting, create meal plans, train individuals, teams and groups. My background in nutrition, more specifically in the Ketogenic diet lead me to develop a unique branch that I named Keto Mediterranean diet! The passion for history, art, healthy lifestyle and love that connected me with my wife, is the driving force behind the Greek Goes Keto project. 

Roberta Kapsalis:

 I was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina where I studied fine arts, theatre and music. After graduation from the Academy of fine arts, I worked as a teacher, graphic designer, journalist, marketing executive and visual designer/illustrator. I enjoy blogging, sci-fi writing, playing the piano and exploring history … You could say that I am a dedicated foodie and ancient gastronomy enthusiast. As an artist, I work with different mediums. The same goes for my cooking.

For example, I like to explore the ancient worlds and combine them with some futuristic approaches. However, everything has to be organic, clean, healthy and nourishing. I believe that Keto can be a challenge, but also, a powerful healing tool! This is why I invest a lot of energy in the Ketonisation process. In this process, I adjust the traditional dishes of Mediterranean cuisine to the Ketogenic diet. Additionally, Apollonas is monitoring and approving all my recipes. I rely greatly on his nutrition science knowledge. Finally, he is my greatest inspiration and the love of my life!