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Keto salmon pie with basil and macadamia nuts

Keto salmon pie will be our first new project in 2021 on Greek Goes Keto website. Yes, we took a long break over the holidays. However, in our home, each day, a Keto delicacy was prepared. It’s not just that we had friends visiting, it’s also our passion for experimenting! We ate a lot of…

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Shrimp scampi shell broth, even better than the bone broth

Shrimp scampi, or just simply scampi is my favourite food on this planet. What a surprise when I saw the nutritional profile and a study on benefits of eating shrimp shells. Well, scampi and shrimp are not the same thing but generally their shells will give the same effect! The meat is tasty and specific,…

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Keto egg muffins with salmon and Mediterranean herbs

Keto egg muffins with delicious herbs and soft smoked salmon… But wait, any egg muffin is Keto! isn’t it? Sometimes you’ll see corn, cereals, flour, starch and other additives, so there’s a reason this one is specifically called Keto egg muffin! In fact, it’s so Mediterranean that it could be a new star in any…

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Keto crepe rolls À la Sushi

Keto crepe rolls that also look like keto sushi look so attractive, don’t they? Ant the wrapping layer is made of only eggs and butter. Is this possible? Well, of course, it is if you have some skills and experience with cooking thin omelette-alike crepes. However, we would like to show you that it’s totally…

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Keto and legumes – should we eat any of them?

Keto and legumes is an edgy subject and since the springtime is just around the corner, I thought it was a perfect time to write an article about it. In Greece, for generations, all the way back to ancient times, people ate a lot of legumes. Lentils, chickpeas, all sorts of beans, but also –…

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Keto shrimp chowder with the Mediterranean twist

Keto shrimp chowder in the kitchen of Greek Goes Keto will be different from standard chowders that are widely available online. Oh yeah, we tent do make all our creamy soups with yolks and this is one of the main reasons our creamy soups end up so nutritious. It all started with the ever-mighty Avgolemono…

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Keto Paella ala El Greco – Or how the Greek ketonised the Spanish legend

Keto Paella has been on our mind ever since we started Greek Goes Keto. Both Roberta and I love Spanish culture, music, language, art, almost everything from the land of Pan. In fact, our dear friend Alejandro from Almeria could confirm our love for his land.

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Quick Keto Fish paprikash – With a Greek Twist

Quick Keto Fish Paprikash is another answer to those who don’t find fish really desirable. However, we are sure that there must be a way to prepare fish so that everybody loves it. In fact, most people adore grilled fish! That’s the easiest and most popular way to prepare fish in the Mediterranean zone. However, what if you just want your fish to swim in a nice sauce and have the herbs to emphasise its unique flavour?

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Keto summer appetisers with basil and fish roe

Keto summer recipes anyone? how about not turning on the stove or your oven at all? Wonderful, right?! Well, if you are preparing a nice meal with seafood, you might as well prepare a nice starter or appetiser to impress your guests or family. In fact, this particular recipe will give you an extra boost…

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Gilt-head bream in clay pot – Because Ketonians need to eat more fish

Gilt-head bream is the most popular fish in the Mediterranean zone. If you ever travelled to any of our countries in this basin, chances are you saw it on the menu or you ate it by the sea in the fish tavern. This recipe is as simple as it can be, but at the same time,…