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Keto angel cake – light as a feather, simple as a piece of cake

Keto Angel cake was more of a hybrid between Japanese wind cake and Havana cake but it came out so perfectly light that I simply had to publish it! Sometimes the simplest ingredients hide the most magic! Original Angel food cake lacks butter and that’s the biggest crime, in my opinion! Butter is the essence…

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Keto groceries – Let’s create a Mediterranean shopping list

Keto groceries in the KMD universe can be located everywhere but not in the supermarket. I know, sounds like an oxymoron in today’s world when creating your Keto shopping list. But if you would like to have the full potential of Keto Mediterranean diet, its healing powers, you will have to shift the Keto shopping…

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Is Keto sustainable? 5 powerful reasons to say YES!

Is Keto sustainable for people around the globe while we live in the internet era? In today’s world, information is easily accessible for anybody who wants to learn more! How many times have you heard Keto-haters say this way of eating is not sustainable? On the other side, how many times people stopped Keto and…

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Mediterranean bone broth and its 4 amazing advantages

Mediterranean bone broth is the subject we wanted to cover for a long period of time, but somehow we didn’t. Now, I know that in the rest of the Keto universe, bone broth is prepared with beef bones. That’s the most affordable and most common bone broth. However, did you know that lamb, veal or…

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Keto Turkish Delight or simply Greek loukoumi – How about Ketonian Delight?

Keto Turkish Delight was born after Debra, a Ketonian from New Zeland asked us if we can ketonise it… What do you think? Can we ketonise something so sugary that it makes your teeth hurt? My favourite phrase says – “Everything can be ketonised!” Even if the original Turkish delight contains only sugar and starch,…

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Dear Greeks – What in the world?!

Dear Greeks, an open letter from Greek Goes Keto to all the Greeks!

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Keto on vacations without cheating at all

Keto on vacations has never been easier. And here we talk about clean and healthy Keto lifestyle. this article will give you all the info you need.

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Delicious twist ideas with Keto leftovers

Delicious twist ideas and tricks with the Keto food left from the previous day will be our new project. Experimenting in the kitchen is really fun and inspiring activity. Imagine, all the leftovers can be turned into something even better than the original dish was with the right idea. Of course, you have to be…

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Keto on a budget – 12 wise tricks

Keto on a budget is a subject that bothers many Ketonians or Low-Carb enthusiasts around the globe. Let’s face it, we are living in a Carboholic world where the sugar and starch foods are cheapest and most available. From the supermarket to the corner kiosk or street food vendor – carbs are everywhere. However, if you…