Fasting for Lent Keto recipes eBook (PDF)


If you have any connection with Greek tradition, this book is a true gem! However, you don’t have to be Greek or religious to enjoy this amazing Fasting for Lent cookbook which brings you healthy and delicious Keto Mediterranean recipes. All dishes follow the Mediterranean tradition with the Keto diet in mind. Besides salads, soups, main courses, there are also Keto bread recipes, as well as some interesting desserts adjusted to the Fasting for lent tradition and rules.

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Fasting for Lent Keto recipes is a cookbook by the Greek Goes Keto team for all the ketonians who would like to learn how to perform religious fasting while following the Ketogenic diet. But you don’t have to be religious to enjoy this cookbook!

Fasting for Lent is very popular among traditional Greek families. However, Keto and low-carb oriented people always face problems during this period. Not only in Greece, all over the world people of Christian origin tend to fast for lent before Easter. For this reason, we decided to assemble a specific Fasting for Lent Keto cookbook. this book will help anyone stay within Keto during Lent, and still prepare nourishing meals.

If you are facing any type of health problems, this book will be your best friend during the lent! We made sure each meal includes the most necessary vitamins, minerals and macronutrients. In particular, we care for the primary nutrient (protein) that is usually low during the religious fast. The recipes from this book are rich in protein and provide a good amount of fat. At the same time, the infamous carbs are very restricted!

Fasting for Lent

When can this book be useful?

As you might already know, it’s not only 40 days of repentance and preparation for the joys of Easter. Christians fast on Fridays and Wednesdays throughout the year. Also, different holidays call for fasting for some days before the celebration. By following any of the recipes from this book, you will manage to prepare healthy meals during those days.

Fasting for Lent can be a powerful practice, but it’s also significantly misunderstood and culturally challenging. Naturally, if you want to stay on the Ketogenic diet, you need to understand that your protein sources are limited. Furthermore, since the Greek Orthodox church forbids olive oil, you have limited choices of fat from the plant world that are healthy. However, coconut, avocado and a little sesame oil would be fine. Perhaps cold-pressed pumpkin seed oil is also acceptable.

Before we started writing the Fasting for Lent Keto cookbook, we asked those who decide to practice fasting for lent, this is what they said:

“Fasting is a way to place ourselves in the way of grace by withdrawing our reliance on earthly things so that we can feast on God’s presence and power” We respect this answer, and we wrote this cookbook for all people who strive to stay Ketonised during Lent or other religious fasting periods.