Greek Easter

Greek Easter Keto Menu mini eBook by Greek Goes Keto

Greek Easter is a time of festivity and it’s quite different from the Western world Easter tradition. As a Ketonian, you might be exposed to many pastries, bread and cake recipes that will totally go against your Keto Mediterranean Lifestyle that you worked so hard on throughout all these months. For this reason, we decided to assemble a micro cookbook or a menu that can help you make your Greek Easter totally KETO-friendly! 

If not this year, you can keep this e-book for the next year, or have it as an excellent gift to your Greek friend, family member or anyone who loves Greek cuisine and wants to keep it Keto all the way, even for Easter celebration!

Stay Ketonised to the full potential!

Happy Easter Keto Greeks all around the globe!

Apollonas & Roberta




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