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Keto Focaccia with eastern Mediterranean soul

Keto Focaccia is the easiest quick pizza-alike creation you can prepare even when you don’t have a lot of time. However, our version, will not be loaded with almond and coconut flour as we prefer staying on the healthier side! Some years ago we ketonised focaccia and explained the connection between Balkan Pogača and this…

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Keto Kifle – don’t try to pronounce it, just make them

Keto Kifle, or as we call them “Kiflice”, is a European Ketonisation project that has to be shared with Ketonians around the globe! The original version is present in every European bakery and homes of traditional foodies! But when it comes to ketonisation, we have to have in mind it’s a pastry! We need to…

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Ancient Greek bread – A low-carb version

Ancient Greek bread was worshipped almost like a holy grail! Well, literally, in ancient Greece, there were competitions and prizes, poems and stories about bakers who would make best, tastiest and richest bread. It was considered as a work of art, so naturally, it was offered to their Olympian Gods on special holidays.

Appetizers | Keto Bread | Mediterranean | Recipes

Savoury Keto Cheesecake in a bundt pan inspired by Tiropita

Savoury Keto cake is my favourite baking experiment. Let’s be honest, whatever you do with sweet cakes, there will always be someone who will love it. On the other side, with the savoury Keto cake, it’s a bit tricky! You can’t use the sweetener, cinnamon, vanilla extract, zest of citrus or other helpers. You have…

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Golden flaxseed Keto bread – Another tasty Ketonisation

Golden Flaxseed has been around humans for centuries. They belong to one of the oldest human foods, rich in omega-3 fatty acids, soluble and insoluble fibre, proteins, vitamin B1, magnesium, zinc and selenium. Even if you are not a Ketonian, chances are you heard about golden flaxseed due to your gluten intolerance. Golden flaxseed meal really…

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New Keto bread and an overview of baked goodies

New Keto bread is always welcome. Especially if you happen to be one of the Ketonians who loves to bake. In fact, if you like to experiment in the kitchen, this one will give you so many different approaches. Our new Keto bread includes roasted nuts and seeds and has no flour! Now, when it comes…

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Flourless Keto Bread in a Bundt Pan

Flourless Keto bread is a nutty and seedy project! No, seriously, we were a bit sceptical about the texture but determined to give it a try. Many Ketonians have troubles with one of the Keto friendly flours. Whether it’s almond, coconut, sunflower, sesame or even hemp seed flour. If it’s not an allergy, then it’s…

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Christmas Edition of Glorious Keto Lemon Bread

Christmas edition of cake and bread always brings a lot of joy and passion. Keto lemon bread is the most successful recipe we created here at Greek Goes Keto. All the positive feedback we received from Ketonians who gave it a go made us really excited. I think we made it at least 12 times…

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Herzegovina on Keto – a place where tradition respects nature

Herzegovina is the place where Greek Goes Keto team spends the winter! As you might have already read in the article about our road trip, we move a lot. But most of the year we spend in the land in the south of Bosnia and Herzegovina. You would be surprised with Keto friendly food available…

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Pumpkin Seed Keto Bread

Pumpkin seeds could be the best part of this enormous melon to all ketonians. Yes, it’s a melon! In fact, every time you pronounce this word, you should remember Mr Gus Portokalos from the legendary movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Give me a word and I will prove to you that the root of…