Äggmjölk (Egg Milk) When a Greek visits the Vikings

Aggmjolk (Äggmjölk, meaning egg-milk) is such a natural thing if you happen to read this from Sweden. People throughout history glorified the milk so much that they tried to alchemy their way to make more of this source of nourishment. Especially in the north, where you can’t expect the animals to give so much milk…


Best winter holiday beverages from the land of Ketonia

Best winter holiday beverages on Greek Goes Keto website deserve to be presented in a single article. We know that searching for recipes can be tiring and sometimes you just don’t have the time. Well, since this year most of us will be forced to stay at home, we thought it would be good to…

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Best Keto tonic with mighty juniper berries

Best Keto tonic in our galaxy is here! The feeling it gives is something every true Keto foodie will appreciate! Yes, it’s like Hippocrates prescribed you medication that can rejuvenate, but it’s just so tasty that you want to drink it all the time! 😉 In fact, Hippocrates had at least 100 different recipes featuring…

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Keto coffee for fasting and feeding windows – 2 refreshing ideas for warmer days

Keto coffee is not a cup of instant/filtered coffee loaded with heavy whipping cream, butter, MCT oil or – universe forbid – any protein powder! No, that’s the over-popularised modern version. Unfortunately, this trend has been created by coffee shops in big cities. The trend was aimed for people who don’t have the time to…

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Intermittent fasting beverages – 7 delicious flavours that will lift your spirit and not break the fast

Intermittent fasting beverages sound quite boring if you just say herbal tea, unsweetened black coffee and water! Does Keto Mediterranean lifestyle have to be that restrictive during these health-beneficial hours? We all know that we have to teach ourselves to get rid of sugar and milk cravings in your morning coffee rituals, but there’s still…


Keto chocolate Eggnog – The number 1 anti-inflammatory winter treat

Keto chocolate Eggnog anyone? Yes, why not when it can be the most nutritious and delicious treat. But can we make it 100% Keto, or better say, can we make it KMD? Does this mean our Keto chocolate Eggnog can be anti-inflammatory? Of course, all KMD ingredients work synergistically to reduce inflammation and provide real…

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Romulan Keto yoghurt – In honour of all Trekkies

Romulan Keto yoghurt will be one of our tribute recipes for a quick refreshment, maybe even a meal on the go but with a Sci-Fi twist. Why Romulan – you might ask. Well, today is 53rd birthday of the neverending inspiration – Star Trek and I want to devote this recipe to all the Trekkies…

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Keto friendly cocktail with spacey inspiration

Keto friendly cocktail creation is equally tempting as Keto desserts and my passion for experimenting will never end! Naturally, you can’t use just any fruit juice or alcoholic beverage and proclaim it Keto. Sugar is hidden in every single ingredient of classic cocktails that you simply can’t rely on them. But, luckily, there are those ingredients known to Ketonian that are simply Keto friendly to the full potential!

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Ancient pine syrup Ketonised – Magic from the Schinias forest

Ancient Pine needle syrup with Keto sweetener.

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Homemade Keto Protein Shake – No, you don’t need that powder!

Homemade Keto Protein Shake is a project that I want to devote to all the Ketonians who decided to skip the supplements and explore the world of real food. When we say real, we mean the world of foods that don’t cause inflammation, yet the foods that are somehow forgotten.