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Homemade Keto Protein Shake – No, you don’t need that powder!

Homemade Keto Protein Shake is a project that I want to devote to all the Ketonians who decided to skip the supplements and explore the world of real food. When we say real, we mean the world of foods that don’t cause inflammation, yet the foods that are somehow forgotten.

Modern humans and obsession with powder

When I see some recipes containing powdered milk, powdered eggs and all sorts of extremely processed ingredients well, let me put it nicely – I don’t respond well to those! What has happened to us and we want everything in powder, tablets and capsules. Do we really believe a protein powder made of extracted whey protein is going to be utilised the same way as a good piece of meat, yoghurt or cheese? Why do we want isolated protein? In fact, why do we want any nutrient isolated?

10 reasons why industrial protein powder is not an option on clean Keto

  1. If ti’s whey protein, it’s made with cow’s milk and includes A1 cassein which is not the healthiest option
  2. It always contains soy lecithin or another lecithin
  3. It contains not-so-healthy artificial sweeteners and flavourings
  4. It contains stabilisers and various additives
  5. It has been overprocessed, including high temperature, pressure and other industrial methods
  6. Even Harvard Medical Scool wrote about The hidden dangers of protein powders
  7. When it comes from plant source it doesn’t provide the complete aminos you need on a daily basis and it is always filled with bad additives.
  8. Industrial protein powders are not actually helping you intake and digest protein faster
  9. Even though it’s been packed with stabilisers and conservatives, it spoils if you don’t keep it in a steady temperature
  10. It’s always overpriced for no particular reason!!!

Keto and protein myth

Let’s see some of the myths that Keto oriented people constantly keep spreading around the global network. Notice how I did not say Ketonians? Well, Ketonians are a different kind of Keto people! 😉 They make the majority of their real food at home, from real ingredients and they enjoy every bite of it!

  1. Too much protein will kick me out of Ketosis (You most probably will never be able to eat that much)
  2. Protein is difficult to digest (There are sources of protein that are easier to digest, plus there are spices and preparation methods that help)
  3. I can’t eat enough of protein, I’ll take a powder (Good luck in finding a clean one that doesn’t contain soy, additives and shelf-life prolongers)
  4. I don’t want to look like a body-builder (Trust me, with all the protein in the world, you will never look like them unless you want it, then you’ll know what to do)
  5. I just don’t like meat (How about fish, seafood, cheese, yoghurt, even a bit of goat milk?)
  6. I don’t want to build muscles, I don’t need protein (Did you know that your heart is a muscle too, how about giving it what it needs?)

Homemade Keto Protein shake – made from scratch and to the full yumminess

Making homemade everything is a huge passion of ours. From Chocolate, ice cream to crackers and souvlaki. Really, everything can be Ketonised, and you should really try to enjoy the process. Why? Well, first of all, there’s no industrial product that is as clean as something you can prepare in your kitchen. And only the clean approach to your Keto healing will give you those top results.

This scientific paper by The University Os Sao Paulo covers the subject of “The role of the transnational ultra-processed food industry in the pandemic of obesity and its associated diseases”

Fixing the Macros for ideal weight loss

A ketogenic diet, in order to put you and keep you in the state of Ketosis, requires at least 75% of fat, 20% of protein and 5% of carbohydrates. However, if you really want to boost your weight loss, it’s recommended to up your protein a bit, lower your fat and keep the carbs bellow 5%. If you haven’t tried this, then you might contact Apollonas for a specific meal plan that works miracles!

Why is protein so important?

Protein is a principal element of every cell in our body. Following the ingestion of protein, our body breaks it into amino acids, which are then included in our muscles and other tissues.

The protein in our muscles is regularly split down and rebuilt daily. A good amount of amino acids is required for muscle protein synthesis or the production of new muscle cells.
Protein is a great guard of healthy skin, hair, nails, and bones. Not to mention the health of all our internal organs. It also regulates the creation of hormones and vital enzymes.

Our body burns more calories digesting protein compared to fat or carbs. Also, protein gives fast satiety!

Homemade Keto Protein Shake

Recipe by Roberta KapsalisCourse: Keto Protein ShakeCuisine: Keto MediterraneanDifficulty: Easy


Prep time


Cooking timeminutes




  • 3 quail eggs ( or 1 large pasteurised hen egg)

  • 1 tbsp cream cheese (I used goat and sheep cream cheese)

  • 8 medium blackberries

  • 1 tsp grass-fed beef gelatin powder (a tablespoon of the jello from the top of your homemade bone broth would be ideal)

  • 100 ml goat or sheep yoghurt

  • 1 tsp vanilla extract

  • 10 mg scoop 100% stevia extract (optional)

  • a few cubes of ice

  • a few blackberries and fresh peppermint leaves for decoration


  • Place all the ingredients (except the ice) in a blender and blend for 4 minutes so that gelatine disolves.
  • Now add ice cubes and blend for another minute. If it’s not a hot day, you can skip the ice.
  • Serve in a beautiful glass, decorate with berries and fresh peppermint leaves to treat yourself with visual and nourishing experience!


  • if you can’t find blackberries, a few blueberries will do the trick. Furthermore, if you would like to totally avoid overprocessed industrial products, you will replace the beef gelatine with a tablespoon of the jello from the top of your homemade bone broth.

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