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Greek style “Freddo” Keto coffee

These days I’m reading a lot about various versions of Keto coffee. I was even contacted by a Coffee shop from Athens that claimed they have Keto coffee. Of course, it was prepared with milk cream which was loaded with carrageenan and other additives. Politely I said, thank you – but I like to prepare my own keto coffee. I believe we have to distinguish the Bulletproof coffee with a simple Keto coffee!

The summer version of Greek coffee

If you have visited Greece, you know that almost everybody drinks Freddo espresso, Freddo cappuccino or Frappé (iced coffee) throughout the year. It’s a trend that started during the 70-ties and stayed a part of modern Greek culture. It’s usually prepared with espresso coffee which is then mixed with ice and sweetener, most commonly sugar. This creates a thick layer of coffee foam on top which makes it especially attractive!

Many tourists fall in love with this shaken or well mixed iced coffee. Then they want to make it at home but usually, they don’t succeed. A specifically designed coffee mixer is required, and quite a lot of ice. But, let’s see how this coffee can be adjusted to Keto lifestyle?

Keto Coffee is naturally sweet

A good cup of coffee is like a cup of treasure these days! Most of the people who think they have developed the addiction to coffee, in fact, are addicted to added sugar. Many of them are enjoying artificially flavoured instant coffee or industrial versions loaded with syrups, hydrogenated vegetable oil, and other additives. A good cup of coffee should be sweet without any added sugar or milk in it. In order to discover this magical coffee which will really not be bitter, you will need to change your standard routine. First of all, you need to learn about the brewing. 

Arabica is Keto-friendly

The best method to treat yourself with naturally sweet coffee is to have a variety which is known for being naturally sweet. Arabica, for example, is the kind that will give the sweetest results and make you fall in love with unsweetened coffee.  Arabica also has a lower content of caffeine and it’s easier to digest.

Cold brewing is the way to go

Another factor for having naturally sweet coffee is the preparation method. Cold brewing, which is similar to the French press technique, is the only method which will give you a sweet cup of coffee without anything added to it. For this method, cold water is used instead of hot. The coffee is stepped up to 24 hours. The final product is a crispy, sweet cup of coffee that you never tasted before. That’s because cold water brings out the natural flavours of coffee oils. 

When coffee is prepared with hot water, these oils are chemically altered and cause bitterness. Cold brewing also takes away some of the acidity naturally found in coffee beans, which makes this method ideal. 

Stevia, monk fruit, erythritol, or cream? – Maybe without any!

Try to enjoy and discover the taste of coffee without any sweetener. This will be a whole new experience. In a couple of days, you will understand that a standard sweetened coffee that you have been taking for years doesn’t taste even close to the natural and pure taste of your new unsweetened coffee. Unsweetened Keto coffee will have almost no impact on your blood sugar, well, of course, you will not drink a litre of it at once. A portion of 200 ml, shaken with a lot of ice will fill up a big glass!

If you succeed to avoid adding any sweetener for just 7 days, your taste buds will adapt and they will start being more sensitive to the natural sweetness of organic Arabica coffee. So, how to prepare a cold and refreshing glass of Keto coffee? Quite easy! Follow these steps and soon you will be a master of healthiest coffee preparation.

Cold brewed Keto coffee, Greek Freddo style

Servings: 4


  • 120g 100% pure organic ground arabica coffee (medium roast)
  • 1 litre filtered water


  1. Place the ground coffee in a glass jar and add room temperature filtered water.
  2. Shake well and leave it in the room temperature for 15 minutes.
  3. Then shake well again and place it in the refrigerator.
  4. Leave it in the refrigerator for at least 16 hours. Then filter it using coffee filters and keep it sealed in the refrigerator!

The Freddo version

In a 200 ml glass jar place 2 cubes of ice and add 1oo ml of cold brewed coffee. Shake it for at least 4 minutes. Pour it into a glass, add more coffee, more ice and a straw. That’s all! The appearance will be impressive and the power of refreshment unmatchable! You will never put any sweetener into your coffee again!

greek keto brewed coffee

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