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Shrimp scampi shell broth, even better than the bone broth

Shrimp scampi, or just simply scampi is my favourite food on this planet. What a surprise when I saw the nutritional profile and a study on benefits of eating shrimp shells. Well, scampi and shrimp are not the same thing but generally their shells will give the same effect! The meat is tasty and specific,…

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Keto beef pate with 4 amazing colours and different flavours

Keto beef Pate came as a big refreshment and nourishment on a hot summer day! It might surprise you we used beef since we prefer veal in everything. However, this time we wanted to experiment with a bit matured but still not that old meat. We opted for something in between, an 8-month-old calf with…

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Keto Turkish Delight or simply Greek loukoumi – How about Ketonian Delight?

Keto Turkish Delight was born after Debra, a Ketonian from New Zeland asked us if we can ketonise it… What do you think? Can we ketonise something so sugary that it makes your teeth hurt? My favourite phrase says – “Everything can be ketonised!” Even if the original Turkish delight contains only sugar and starch,…

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Keto Cream of mushroom soup – dairy-free version

Keto Cream of mushroom can easily be made without added flour. In fact, many recipe authors have worked on the ketonisation process of this famous queen of soups. Yes, you can use heavy cream or even better Mascarpone and prepare a nice bowl of creamy mushroom soup. However, you know how we keep talking about…

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Keto cheescake, but can it be dairy-fre​e?

Keto cheesecake without cheese? How about that? Now, why would we exclude the magic ingredient of life? The mighty cheese has been adored by humans all around the globe for centuries! As you know, we keep giving laurels to goat and sheep dairy. Not to mention the incomparable buffalo Mozzarella with its ancient advantages! Well,…

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Keto Ice Pops – Nutrient packed summer dessert

Keto Ice Pops or as the contemporary world calls them Popsicles, are the ultimate temptation when summer months arrive. This has nothing to do with the age! In general, people of all ages relate this unique summer treat to careless times, relaxation, vacations or even lazy afternoons. It’s almost a matter of modern mythology. Last night,…

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Dairy-free Keto chocolate mousse with the powerful egg yolks

Dairy-free Keto dessert recipes are quite rare. Let’s admit it, everything tastes better with butter, Mascarpone, cream or cheese. However, there really are those Ketonians who can’t even have the mighty goat milk products. Even though goat and sheep milk products don’t contain A1 casein and they are far easier to digest, some Ketonians can’t…

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Wonderful Keto pudding – Dairy free, Zero sweetener, Turbo delicious

Wonderful Keto pudding! Yes, no fancy-schmancy ancient Greek-inspired name this time! Just Wonderful Keto Pudding. I created this recipe with all of you good Ketonians who can’t have any dairy products in mind. We’ve received many messages and questions if we can create Keto recipes for people that can’t have dairy. Not even the magical…

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Homemade peppermint gumdrops for Ketonian refreshment

Homemade peppermint gumdrops could be the answer to those urges to buy industrial mints or gums after a great Keto meal. As you know, on those times when you season your meat just perfectly that the flavour of garlic and black pepper stays much longer in your mouth, you just want a gumdrop or two….

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Keto coconut pudding – Versatile base to many variations

Keto coconut pudding is really the most tweakable and versatile pudding! It can give one million ideas to Ketonians who love pudding and want to take more collagen on daily basis. Besides wonderful flavour, this pudding can be utilised on so many different ways! It really can inspire you and give some new approaches to…