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Keto Kebab with best spice mix in this universe

Keto Kebab is any Kebab where bread and sugar are not added to the mixture! However, this year, we got insider info from a person servicing Greek souvlaki stores and street food vendors that shocked us. They are adding 1 kilo of sugar plus bread crumbs to the mixture! What! This was a shock that…

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Best Keto tonic with mighty juniper berries

Best Keto tonic in our galaxy is here! The feeling it gives is something every true Keto foodie will appreciate! Yes, it’s like Hippocrates prescribed you medication that can rejuvenate, but it’s just so tasty that you want to drink it all the time! 😉 In fact, Hippocrates had at least 100 different recipes featuring…

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Ancient cough remedy from the Keto Mediterranean kitchen

Ancient cough remedy has been used by people who struggled to survive winters throughout history. It comes in different forms and flavours and many believers in natural remedies swear by it. However, modern humans prefer those solutions from the pharmacy! I know, you would most probably take anything just to stop coughing after a cold,…

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Keto Oliver salad – The mysterious Russian-French-Balkan express

Keto Oliver salad? This will be easy to Ketonise, one might think. But if you have no idea what are the original ingredients in the world-famous Oliver salad, then you might get quite surprised. The mystery of this famous European New-years salad goes back to the romantic Russian times before the revolution. In the tradition…

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Black pepper Keto cookies with joyful rainbow icing

Black pepper Keto cookies taste so good that I can’t stop eating them. Ohh, that is because I ate them after a light dinner. Of course, they are 100% Keto and if you enjoy them after a propper Keto dinner, you will not be tempted to overeat! However, judging from the texture, black pepper Keto…

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Keto Christmas cookies – Let the German Zimtsterne open the season with a Greek twist

Keto Christmas cookies, cakes and all sorts of delicacies… Everything will be KETONISED on yet another Christmas table of Ketonians. If you are with us for more than 2 years, then you know that each year we have a 100% Keto Christmas table without even worrying about cheating. This is because you can’t cheat on…

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Keto Melitzanopita – Greek feta and eggplant quiche

Keto Melitzanopita tastes like a dessert but it never meant to be a dessert! The Greek name of this vegetable refers to being sweet as honey. Well, it’s a savoury and salty quiche and I created it out of curiosity. This project ended up very tasty so it had to be published as a recipe!…

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Cornelian Cherry – The forgotten elixir of ancient forest

Cornelian cherry is almost a deity in Eastern European stories and myths. From the times when ancient people were discovering healing potentials of certain foods, this magic tree has been used from root to fruits. I don’t know why it got the suffix “cherry” English, but I assure you, it’s not even a cousin of…

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Ancient Greek bread – A low-carb version

Ancient Greek bread was worshipped almost like a holy grail! Well, literally, in ancient Greece, there were competitions and prizes, poems and stories about bakers who would make best, tastiest and richest bread. It was considered as a work of art, so naturally, it was offered to their Olympian Gods on special holidays.

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Pine nuts are totally Keto – Protein boost from the ancient forest

Mediterranean people have been using Pine nuts in cooking and medicine preparation. Numerous recipes for healthy salads, sauces, side dishes feature these mysterious nuts that are actually seeds.