Goat Milk

Goat milk – On the throne of Keto dairy

Goat milk products might be the healthiest dairy available to humans today. In fact, goat milk is one of the healthiest foods and it’s quite a keto friendly thing. Its composition has the most similarity to mother’s milk. Obviously, ancient people knew about it’s healing properties. They consumed it to strengthen immunity, treat the lungs and tuberculosis. Goat milk is a perfect ally in the fight against stress, bronchitis, and allergies. Also, it reduces the risk of lung cancer and can be taken by diabetics!

The powerful vitamin content

Goat milk contains vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12 important for strengthening the nervous system. This milk has 47% more vitamin A than cow’s milk. Potassium content is 134% higher, while copper is 4 times higher in concentration. It also features calcium and phosphorous, minerals that are important for bone strength. It’s rich in zinc and selenium, powerful antioxidants essential to maintaining immunity. This is extremely beneficial for people with thyroid problems. 

Science loves it

Based on the results of the research, scientists recommend goat milk products for various health benefits. They claim that goat milk encourages the better utilization of iron and the regeneration of haemoglobin. This is highly important for people suffering from anaemia and diabetes.

Fighting cancer with goat milk

Extremely beneficial linoleic acid can be found in goat milk. This acid does not exist in cow’s milk. A study confirms that linoleic acid creates anti-cancerogenic effects. We can conclude that goat milk protects our body from cancerogenic diseases. 

My therapeutic Keto meal-plan based on goat milk

The essential fatty acids of goat milk are highly concentrated in my new therapeutic ketogenic diet program. If you are interested, don’t hesitate to contact me for a therapeutic meal-plan based on goat milk!

Goats prefer to eat healthily

Since goats are eating tree bark, their milk is rich in silica and minerals, which has a beneficial effect on the quality of skin, hair, nails and nervous system. Goat milk is abundant in oligosaccharides that act against inflammation and at the same time regulate the defective function of the intestines.

Due to the lack of lactose or milk sugar, which cow’s milk contains in far larger quantities, goat milk is Keto-friendly. In adults, goat milk can help prevent high blood pressure and atherosclerosis. In fact, potassium is an essential mineral for maintaining normal blood pressure and heart function.

Buttermilk, goat cheese and yoghurt

 Here in Greece, it’s quite easy to find all sorts of goat dairy products. I will devote a whole article to goat butter which I consider as a divine product that every Ketonian has to have in their fridge. I believe you can order it online. Many countries are increasing the production of goat milk these days. Search for the local farms – this would be the best solution.

The healing properties

Goat milk products are also powerful natural remedies. They enhance the growth and development of the digestive tract. I would like to point out that they are recommended for the prevention and therapy of liver disease. They can aid fatty liver, cirrhosis, and mononucleosis. These extremely tasty products are great for osteoporosis, blood pressure, inflammatory processes, kidney function…

Great protein ratio

Goat milk proteins are known as fast proteins because we can absorb them quickly. This way we can directly supply our muscle cells with energy and necessary amino acids. It is recommended for athletes and active people to provide rapid muscle recovery after training. Furthermore, it’s an outstanding source of protein for pregnant women.

Don’t think twice, switch to goat milk products

Goat milk contains complete proteins and provides all the amino acids necessary for good health. This milk is naturally rich in essential amino acid tryptophan, which is a natural sedative. As such, it stimulates the release of serotonin, the most famous neurotransmitter to create a sense of relaxation and contentedness. Interestingly, it can reduce appetite and clean dental deposits preventing caries. Moreover, it helps to regenerate the liver. Do you need more reasons?!

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  1. Love this article! I was drinking goat”s milk some years ago and now going back to a better healthier lifestyle (I’m a Sr now! Lol!☺️) and trying Keto. This article has won me back over to goats milk with a better understanding of the health benefits of this supper food! Thanks so much for a little more knowledge.

  2. How can we get your therapeutic Keto meal-plan based on goat milk?
    We would have loved to go for it😊
    Thank you for your inspiring article.

  3. I found your page researching online. I have access to fresh goat milk and it is delicious. But almost every page except yours says it is not Keto friendly? They all say it’s too high in carbs. I would like more info on this from you if possible. Thanks.

    1. Hello Susan,
      organic, full-fat goat milk has 4g carbs per 100ml and at the same time offers a great profile of different micronutrients. You can easily fit this in your ketogenic lifestyle if you will not consume large quantities. However, we are promoting the consumption of fermented products, such as goat yoghurt, goat cheese (feta for example has 0 carbs) and above all goat butter. The health benefits from goat and sheep dairy are numerous and purely counting carbs is not something that will give us benefit. We should be smart and learn from our ancestors. If you would like more info, maybe a 45 minutes consultation via video or audio call with Apollonas would be a great idea! :)

      1. Thank you to Susan and Roberta for this conversation. Like Susan, I was disappointed to see that the firmly expressed online opinion is that goat’s milk is not keto-friendly. So I was thrilled to find this article.

        I’m glad I read all the comments, too, because I needed the detail about how your site mostly promotes fermented goat’s milk products, as opposed to just the milk.

        I am still interested in consuming some goat’s milk. Roberta, you made this statement:

        “You can easily fit this in your ketogenic lifestyle if you will not consume large quantities.”

        I know you can’t delineate the rules for an individual such as myself that you’ve never met, but can you let me know what you would consider to be large quantities?

        I’m wanting to use goat’s milk as a replacement for half-and-half in my favorite hot beverages (cacao is one and golden milk is the other), which would be twice a day. I also plan to use a splash in my scrambled eggs.

  4. I was excited to find this article. The information written here is very inspirational. I am switching from half-and-half to goat’s milk as part of improving my diet.

    Today I drank a beverage that consisted of greens powder, cacao and some goat’s milk. I experienced the effect reported in the article about having my mood elevated. After finishing my drink, I was in such a good mood and felt so cozy and warm inside. I’ve had the same beverage made with half-and-half so I knew that good mood effect was from the goat’s milk.

    I also had a much-needed intestinal flush shortly after finishing the beverage. This is probably a combination of several beneficial things I’ve been doing, but I felt that the goat’s milk really kicked it along.

    I’m happy with my results so far and looking forward to a little goat’s milk as part of my new healthy diet.

  5. At the end of your article, I found this statement riveting:

    “[Goat’s milk can] clean dental deposits preventing caries.”

    I need a lot of help with dental deposits. I’m approaching it by changing my diet and addressing the underlying emotional issues. Discovering that goat’s milk could be an ally is encouraging. Can you direct me to the source of this information so I can glean more detail? For instance, I’m wondering whether just drinking the goat’s milk would suffice. Perhaps swishing with it might also be beneficial?

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