sea buckthorn jello

Sea buckthorn jello, healthiest Keto treat

Sea buckthorn, as we wrote on so many occasions, is the most Keto-friendly fruit on our planet. Ever since we discovered the ancient and modern facts about this stellar berry, we have been using it almost daily. The first article we published about sea buckthorn will give you all the necessary information. Today, science has confirmed, sea buckthorn could be the most powerful natural remedy for many diseases! A bush with firey-orange berries called Hippophae rhamnoides has been studied for centuries. In my language, the name is connected to wolves and dogs, while the ancient Greeks connected it with shiny horses.

Keto value of Sea buckthorn

We should not pay attention only to its low sugar and carb content, we should care for all the other benefits of this potent natural remedy. In fact, those small orange gems are quite fatty berries!! Their oil is the only known plant-based oil that includes omega 3, 6, 7, and 9 at the same time! Now, anything that contains this nutritional density deserves to be on our tables more often. If you wonder just how much sugar they have, think very low!!! In a 100g of concentrated juice you will get 1g of sugar. For this particular sea buckthorn jello, I used 30 ml and a handful of dried berries!

Sea buckthorn jello can help you intake more collagen, glycine and proline

Moderns humans rarely eat organ meats. Even in the land of Ketonia, people don’t enjoy offals. But this wasn’t the case with our ancestors. They would usually give the muscle meat to the dogs while keeping the more sacred parts of the animal for themselves. For this reason, eating grass-fed gelatine would be more appropriate to stay in line with our ancestral way of eating.

Muscle meat contains large quantities of the amino acid tryptophan. Now, we need some of it, but an excess amount can produce an inflammatory response in the body. However, if we consume meat with gelatin, it reduces the impact. What could be the reason? Well, grass-fed gelatin includes zero tryptophan and plentiful amounts of glycine and proline, two favourable amino acids.

Staying healthy even while consuming Keto treats

If you want to get the best of both worlds, you will prepare something with gelatine eavery day! This is the only kind of treat that will not add oxalates, omega-6 or carbs. At the same time, if you play with the flavouring or the base liquid, you will be making top-quality treats that even the strictest Keto nutritionist would approve. To find more recipes, just type gelatine in our search window and discover numerous recipes we have published on this website throughout years.

And now, let’s move to the healthiest sea buckthorn jello recipe

Sea buckthorn jello, healthiest Keto treat

Recipe by Roberta KapsalisDifficulty: Easy


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  • 1 litre (34 fl oz) still mineral water

  • 30 ml (1 fl oz) concentrated sea buckthorn juice

  • 4 tablespoons dried sea buckthorn berries

  • 30 ml lemon juice

  • 1 tsp lemon zest

  • 1 pinch sea salt

  • 12 drops liquid extract stevia or monk fruit sweetener

  • 30g (1 oz) grass-fed beef gelatine (granulated or powdered)


  • Place water in a deep saucepan. Add sea salt, sweetener and lemon zest. Add gelatine and stir. Let it sit for 1 minute in cold water. Slowly start heating it and keep whisking.
  • Bring this mixture to a light boil and immediately remove from heat. Let it cool down for 2-3 minutes.
  • Mix sea buckthorn juice with lemon juice and add it to the warm gelatine mixture. Stir well. Now add dried sea buckthorn berries.
  • Pour the gelatine into 4 glass dessert bowls and refrigerate for 2 hours before serving.


  • You can use plain tap water if it’s safe in your area, but we used natural spring mineral water, for the mineral content. Make sure the water you use is not carbonated because this will not allow the gelatine to set properly.
  • You can soak the seabuckthorn berries in juice before adding to make them soft. If you prefer them crunchy, add them at the very end.
  • Make sure the dried and organic sea buckthorn berries are dried by heating method, not with osmosis. You can tell this by the colour. Naturally dried fruits stay orange, while the chemical osmosis method destroys colour and nutrients. One of the vital nutrients in sea buckthorn is the beta carotene which gives the orange colour to the berries.

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