Keto on vacations

Keto Mediterranean retreat is like a dream come true!!! Imagine 7 days of pure bliss surrounded by untouched nature of ancient Schinias forest in Marathon and crystal clear Aegean sea! Now imagine that the whole vacation would be a Keto Mediterranean event. With lectures, workshops, fun activities, recreations, visits to historical monuments, museums and best Greek tavernas? How about being pampered by eating Keto Mediterranean meals cooked for you by Greek Goes Keto team?

I am in, when is the retreat?

We are organising it between 16. and 23. September 2020. This retreat would be for a small group of Ketonians and the vibe would be totally relaxed and friendly! September is the best month to visit Greece because the tourist season is not on its peak but the weather is still warm, pleasant and vibrant.

Where would we be accommodated?

We would be offering accommodation in a spectacular villa near the famous Schinias forest and beach. We believe that our first retreat needs to have the Keto family vibe and therefore it needs to be small and intimate. For this year we would organize the event for up to 16 participants so you need to book your spot soon!

The beautiful villa where the retreat will take place is located in a remote part of the Schinias forest area and it’s surrounded by untouched nature and blue Aegean sea! We would take the trips by mini busses to different locations during the program.

What’s included?

Besides luxurious accommodation, we would be cooking for you Keto meals in the villa, but sometimes we would visit local tavernas or souvlaki stores and eat Keto or Carnivore friendly meals chosen for you by Greek Goes Keto.

The retreat would include a visit to the historical city of Athens, all together with the Acropolis area, Philopappou hill, Socrates cave, Ermou street, and Syntagma square. Of course, we would include picturesque Plaka and Monastiraki square. Participants will be able to choose between numerous museums, shops or walks through historical Athens.

We would also explore the area of the ancient Marathon and it’s significant sights and monuments. Pay a visit to a local Laiki market and all the famous beaches in the area.

Retreat would include a lecture on KMD each day! We would be covering the subject of intermittent fasting, various health problems that can be improved with KMD! Furthermore, we would cover the subjects of healing with KMD, the differences between standard Keto and KMD, lifestyle changes, proper ingredient choosing, and many more subjects. Together, we would be exploring the possibilities of the gourmet Keto Mediterranean diet!

What’s not included?

As with all retreats of this type, you will have to organise your own trip to Greece. We will be sharing the exact location with you so you can take a taxi from Athens Airport!

How do I book?

We would need you to book your spot in advance so that we can organise everything. Even though we are posting the event some 8 months in advance, we would need to book and prepare everything much before.

To book, just purchase the voucher in this link and send us all the necessary data. We will follow up with a confirmation e-mail and keep emailing you with all the updates on the event. Also, if you decide to participate, you can expect gifts and surprises from Greek Goes Keto.