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Fruit addiction and Ketonians – the ultimate guide to summer Odyssey

Fruit addiction should be treated as a separate thing from the classic sugar addiction. Saying that people who crave fruits are just craving sugar would be superficial. As a nutrition therapist, I have been working with people from all around the globe.

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Ground seeds Keto crepes with creamy berries

Ground seeds, as you might have noticed, are our favourite substitute for nut-based flours. Why do we avoid nuts? well, not all the time, but for all the Ketonians who want to put a pause of nut consumption, whether it’s for trying to overcome the weight loss plateau or maybe due to the allergy, and…

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4 guilt-free fruit juices on Keto – Healthy, Low GI, Detoxing

Fruit juices on Keto? No, thank you. Or, wait… maybe there are some juices you can say big YES to!!! What if I tell you that these 4 beverages,  in essence, fruit juices – will boost your vitamin, mineral and antioxidant intake and you can have them without worrying about your carbs? Of course, most…