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Pickled eggs

Pickled Eggs – Greek Goes Keto summer edition

Pickled eggs saved us on many occasions! Surviving the heatwave in days or early August is a matter of experience for people who live in the Mediterranean zone. However, this summer, unbearable heat has reached Finland and England and other northern European countries! For Ketonians, all around the globe, sometimes […]


Picard Keto brownies

Ketonising cakes and pastries usually take us on a historical trip to the past. As you might know, Greek Goes Keto team is a couple of history Geeks that happen to love all things from the antiquity. However, you might not know about our love for science fiction. Yes, we admit, […]


Dumplings on Keto? Try this grandma’s soup recipe

Homemade soup was really rare in the Western world a few years ago. In fact, you could eat it only at grandma’s, if you were lucky enough to have her. But, with the recent popularity of bone broth, homemade soups came back in fashion. Since the slow home cooking is […]