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Quick Keto Fish paprikash – With a Greek Twist

Quick Keto Fish Paprikash is another answer to those who don’t find fish really desirable. However, we are sure that there must be a way to prepare fish so that everybody loves it. In fact, most people adore grilled fish! That’s the easiest and most popular way to prepare fish in the Mediterranean zone. However, what if you just want your fish to swim in a nice sauce and have the herbs to emphasise its unique flavour?

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Gilt-head bream in clay pot – Because Ketonians need to eat more fish

Gilt-head bream is the most popular fish in the Mediterranean zone. If you ever travelled to any of our countries in this basin, chances are you saw it on the menu or you ate it by the sea in the fish tavern. This recipe is as simple as it can be, but at the same time,…