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Keto Fruity

Keto Fruity Mousse – pastel colour rainbow

Keto Fruity desserts during the summer months are extremely desirable among Ketonians. As we know, fructose is not quite good for us when fruits contain it in excess amount. In fact, fruits that contain large amounts of fructose could be destroying our health the same way candies do. But, there’s […]

Keto blueberry

Keto Blueberry & Walnut Pie – A Powerful Combo

Keto Blueberry and walnut pie can serve as a full breakfast! Now, I know on Keto we don’t eat dessert for breakfast. However, if you check the ingredients in this pie, you’ll end up with an omelette, cheese, butter, some nuts and handful of blueberries (if you count a single […]

Keto Blueberry

Keto Blueberry Mousse – Superfood for the Brain

Keto blueberry mousse is my answer to all the questions on consuming more antioxidants in raw form. Of course, there are one million smoothies or salad recipes that will help you consume raw vegetables and Keto friendly fruits. However, this specific recipe will work as a booster of macronutrients and […]

chia pudding

Chia pudding went to the forest…

Chia pudding served as a dessert to your guests? Sounds like a great way to introduce healthy options to your friends. Even though we are living in the world of social networks and internet communication, a good old fashion of home socialising is still popular. At least in the Mediterranean […]