Desserts | Under 5 Minutes

Keto Choco-Tahini Ice Pop – For the days of Sahara temperatures

Keto Choco-Tahini Ice Pop was born out of two inspirations. First, our Ketonians* sent us photos of their success with our recipes. Paola and Jenn, in particular, loved our Keto Tahini fat bombs. Well, who wouldn’t? The creaminess and velvety texture of these oriental bites turned them into one of our most successful recipes.

Desserts | Under 5 Minutes

Greek yoghurt Keto ice pops with Sea Buckthorn and berries – Quickest possible!

Greek Yoghurt Keto ideas never grow old. Everybody loves Greek yoghurt, but we need to remember the important thing: Greek yoghurt originally was never made with cow’s milk! This is an invention of the modern dairy industry! In Greece, sheep and goats were dominant domesticated animals and cows were extremely rare. As you can read…

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Keto Ice Pops – Nutrient packed summer dessert

Keto Ice Pops or as the contemporary world calls them Popsicles, are the ultimate temptation when summer months arrive. This has nothing to do with the age! In general, people of all ages relate this unique summer treat to careless times, relaxation, vacations or even lazy afternoons. It’s almost a matter of modern mythology. Last night,…