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Soft and light Keto cake for the lovers of delicate treats

Soft and light is a term that is not present among Keto cakes that often. Naturally, if a cake falls into the Keto category, it’s difficult to make it soft and light with all that fat! However, if you add just a bit of bubbly sparkling mineral water, some orange zest and spices, you will…

Desserts | Mediterranean

Keto Choco Sampita – Augmented version of pure pleasure

Keto Choco Sampita is so much more than just a twist to already successful recipe. It’s the ultimate perfection when it comes to gastronomic pleasure. And, yes, Keto cake should be pleasurable and it should be enjoyed from the process of creation to the very first bite. Things are simple, our Galactic cake called Šampita…

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Choco-Orange Keto blues cake

Choco-Orange blues is one of those delicacies from the carby world that Keto foodies and lovers of chocolate miss the most. Remember all the desserts where they infused chocolate with orange, or covered orange jello with some dark chocolate? Well, you don’t have to dream and think about those desserts as thing of the past….

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Savoury Keto Cheesecake in a bundt pan inspired by Tiropita

Savoury Keto cake is my favourite baking experiment. Let’s be honest, whatever you do with sweet cakes, there will always be someone who will love it. On the other side, with the savoury Keto cake, it’s a bit tricky! You can’t use the sweetener, cinnamon, vanilla extract, zest of citrus or other helpers. You have…

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Spring blossom Keto cake

Spring blossom Keto cake almost was not published as a recipe at 😮 What a mistake would that be? It was just one of those days when we hade sudden guests announced so I wanted to make something nice to offer them. And I did not plan to make photos or work on the…

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Greek yoghurt Keto cake – The champion of no-bake goodies

Greek yoghurt Keto cake is not a cheesecake, even though it looks that way! This wonderful ketonisation is based on real Greek yoghurt but it still has good Keto macros and it’s as nutritious as any other Greek Goes Keto cake! When it comes to texture, it features the same amount of creaminess and jello-ness!…

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Keto coconut pudding – Versatile base to many variations

Keto coconut pudding is really the most tweakable and versatile pudding! It can give one million ideas to Ketonians who love pudding and want to take more collagen on daily basis. Besides wonderful flavour, this pudding can be utilised on so many different ways! It really can inspire you and give some new approaches to…

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Keto Vasilopita – Happy New Year Ketonia

Vasilopita cake, as an old Greek tradition, is cut by families on New Year’s day to bless the home and deliver prosperity in the next year. This is regularly arranged at midnight on New Year’s Eve all over Greece. Interestingly, this tradition includes a special coin which is hidden in the cake. Some families slip…

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Keto white cake – Cycladic inspiration

Keto white cake came as a blast of inspiration after visiting Santorini and Paros. Have you ever seen the photos of Greek Cycladic islands? Maybe you spent your summer vacations there? The unique architecture looks like something ancient aliens built. A specific crystalised white cement is used here and this might be the secret. Amazingly,…

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Quick Keto red currant cheesecake

Quick Keto recipes are not my thing and I never believe that good results come without some extra effort. I always prefer to promote a good oldfashioned way of Mediterranean living and food preparation. However, it’s summer and it’s just about to get even hotter here in Greece. When the thermometer is high, we crave…