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Gunpowder, gelatine – Dynamite with a laser beam

Gelatine is one of those rare things left to Ketonians to satisfy their fruit cravings. And not only that, if your Keto treat is prepared with grass-fed beef gelatine, it’s extremely healthy! Furthermore, grass-fed beef gelatine will provide you with beneficial collagen. However, gelatine on its own is quite tasteless! In […]


Collagen Keto Jellies

Of all the proteins in our body, collagen is most prominent. It is found in muscles, bones, skin, blood vessels, digestive system and tendons. This keratin protein keeps the skin firm and elastic while replacing the dead skin cells. Considering that it builds connective tissue, we can say, it holds the […]


Dumplings on Keto? Try this grandma’s soup recipe

Homemade soup was really rare in the Western world a few years ago. In fact, you could eat it only at grandma’s, if you were lucky enough to have her. But, with the recent popularity of bone broth, homemade soups came back in fashion. Since the slow home cooking is […]