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Perfect Keto ice cream made in your hotel room

Perfect Keto chocolate ice cream can be prepared in your hotel room while on vacations.

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Keto Ice Pops – Nutrient packed summer dessert

Keto Ice Pops or as the contemporary world calls them Popsicles, are the ultimate temptation when summer months arrive. This has nothing to do with the age! In general, people of all ages relate this unique summer treat to careless times, relaxation, vacations or even lazy afternoons. It’s almost a matter of modern mythology. Last night,…

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Quickest Keto Ice cream called Keto Blues

Quickest Keto Ice cream blues is here! Ice-cream became an urban legend, almost a matter of modern mythology. Billions of childhood stories and memories include this simple, yet irresistible frozen dessert. However, when you switch to Keto lifestyle, most probably you will have to fight this temptation in the days of high temperatures. Summer, vacations,…