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Keto waffles

Keto waffles – savoury edition with Kajmak or Staka

Keto waffles can be prepared in various ways and most of the recipes always lean to the sweet side. However, in the south-east of Europe, we don’t combine savoury and sweet taste that often. This is why I wanted to present this delicious version of savoury Keto waffles! We used […]

Keto pralines

Keto pralines; B&W edition – A real homemade chocolate!

Keto pralines, or as the urban etymology calls them – fat bombs – have two major purposes. First, they are an excellent source of good and desired fats, as the name says. With keto pralines, you can keep your fats up without worrying if your meal provided you with 70% calories […]

Ancient Greek

Ancient Greek honey cake – Keto modernisation

Almost everybody is fascinated with ancient Greek culture. It’s all around us, wherever you go. For example, I studied sports science and nutrition – imagine how many Greek terms  I had to use every day, even though I was studying in English. In anatomy, biochemistry, medicine, gastronomy – everywhere! As […]

Keto Pizza

Keto pizza – Greek style

Keto pizza recipes are all over the internet! Well, let’s face it, it’s summer and everybody want’s to spend less time in the kitchen. Still, we want to enjoy all the benefits of Keto Mediterranean lifestyle. I’d like to point out that you can live like a true Mediterranean regardless […]

Fat bombs

Almond butter fat bombs went to the seashore

Fat bombs might be one of those contemporary internet era expressions invented a few years ago. Nevertheless, they most certainly rock the world of all Ketonians. They serve as a macronutrient ratio enhancers. Also, Ketonians like to use them as a dessert replacement. Let’s remember, how can you eat 70% […]


Keto Waffle – the healthiest version

Waffle throughout history Waffle, a seductive cake that we know today dates back to the 13th century. But I wouldn’t be a real Greek if I didn’t dig a bit deeper into the historical facts!  An archaeological artefact was found in Greece and it could be described as a version […]