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Ketosis and babies the untold truth!

The most common question people ask when they want to start Keto diet is: “can I be in ketosis, is it safe? Tell me how many times have you heard this question? Ketosis has the exclusivity of being our first metabolic state when we arrive in this world. Yes, we are born in ketosis! That means our body already experienced and knows how to utilise ketones.

Babies are born in ketosis

This is a fact. And since they are born in the state of ketosis, their small bodies know to use the fat as energy source. Maybe now you understand why babies are born with some extra fat. So, the babies will use fat as a source to produce ketones. But, after being born, the source of food is provided by mother’s milk. Since the babies are fed with breast milk, they will use that full-fat milk as a source to keep producing ketones. These ketones will keep the baby running all the normal body functions even while f-a-s-t-i-n-g. Among these functions is the critical function of brain development.

People are usually confused with the ketogenic diet and they are making their evaluations. Many times I heard that.

Keto diet is for sick people. Is that true?

I will tell you what is true! The truth is that, as naturally born Keto-humans, we are functioning perfectly.  Then come our “ignorant” parents and bomb us with sugar. I am not talking about normal fruits and vegetables, but all these ready baby foods. Most of the today’s parents do not have time to make homemade baby food. There are many reasons for this, but let’s not forget the economic crisis. People will try to save money and buy cheaper products, simply because they cannot afford organic products. Yes, even for their babies, they will rather spend less. This is sad, but it’s a whole new subject. The cheapest way is to purchase ingredients from the farmers market and prepare all the meals at home. Guess what, it’s also the healthiest one!

Industrial baby foods

These baby foods are made of concentrated fruit juices, a ton of additives and some unwanted ingredients. A small jar, which represents 1 serving, can contain more than 25g of sugar! Imagine this small sweet soul of 7-8 kilos to consume 30g of sugars in one meal. These babies are immediately exposed to the poison. I made a research and I found a great study performed by the University of Glasgow. They analysed several baby food products in the UK and they found that the nutritional content was insufficient.

Call it a conspiracy theory, but…

I firmly believe that the sugar industry paid key positioned people billions of dollars just to keep selling and selling this poison. I will not go into the reasons and details why this sugar promotion started. Most probably it’s all about profit. On the other hand, sometimes I think that there is a higher plan behind. Are they trying to make the whole population prone to sickness? Are they trying to help the pharmaceutical industry by giving them, potential clients? There is not a single sugar addict that has not had some health issues. When I say sugar addicts, I mean people who consume over 100g of sugar daily.

Let’s see some photos of nutrition facts labels on baby foods. What exactly contains a typical baby food jar?

ketosis  ketosis ketosis

  • Modified Corn Starch
  • Sugar
  • Canola Oil
  • Corn Oil
  • Potato Flour
  • Whole Wheat Flour
  • Rice Flour

As you can see the sugars and additives are dominant components of these products. Of course, there are other things on the list. What would you say about pesticides? Yes, the majority of baby food brands use vegetables and fruits with a residue of pesticides. The Environmental Working Group (EWG) tested baby foods and found 16 different pesticides. The scary part is that 3 of them are carcinogenic.


After all this you read, do you still believe that Ketosis is not natural? Many people think that Keto is just another random diet, one that has no benefits for us. I hope that parents will read more about this. I also hope they will really devote more time to their children and themselves. Protect and help people around you. Get educated and educate people. School and University are just stations of education. Share knowledge, because we are here to learn while we coexist! Truth is the biggest gift you can gift to anybody. Especially the truth about food.

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