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Ancient Greek bread – A low-carb version

Ancient Greek bread was worshipped almost like a holy grail! Well, literally, in ancient Greece, there were competitions and prizes, poems and stories about bakers who would make best, tastiest and richest bread. It was considered as a work of art, so naturally, it was offered to their Olympian Gods on special holidays.

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Low-Carb Greek Tsoureki – You requested – We decarbonised it!

Low-Carb Greek Tsoureki is here Ketonians! After receiving numerous requests we finally succeeded to make it as low in carbs as possible! At the same time, we managed to preserve the typical flavour! Well, we even enhanced it a bit! I believe by adding more butter to Tsoureki, you are already making it taste so…

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Golden flaxseed Keto bread – Another tasty Ketonisation

Golden Flaxseed has been around humans for centuries. They belong to one of the oldest human foods, rich in omega-3 fatty acids, soluble and insoluble fibre, proteins, vitamin B1, magnesium, zinc and selenium. Even if you are not a Ketonian, chances are you heard about golden flaxseed due to your gluten intolerance. Golden flaxseed meal really…

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New Keto bread and an overview of baked goodies

New Keto bread is always welcome. Especially if you happen to be one of the Ketonians who loves to bake. In fact, if you like to experiment in the kitchen, this one will give you so many different approaches. Our new Keto bread includes roasted nuts and seeds and has no flour! Now, when it comes…

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Flourless Keto Bread in a Bundt Pan

Flourless Keto bread is a nutty and seedy project! No, seriously, we were a bit sceptical about the texture but determined to give it a try. Many Ketonians have troubles with one of the Keto friendly flours. Whether it’s almond, coconut, sunflower, sesame or even hemp seed flour. If it’s not an allergy, then it’s…

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Keto Balkan Pogacha – A modern tribute to ancient myth

Keto and Balkan food could be the most impossible combination for Ketonians! Since Greece is a part of this cultural basin, we already had quite a successful journey in our Ketonisation quest. Unlike Ancient Greeks and Romans, most of the Balkan nations are quite “new” to this territory when we look at it from a historical point…

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Keto Pita Bread – Time and Space Traveller

Keto pita bread can serve as a time-space continuum travelling machine. If you have been a fan of Mediterranean food before you started Keto, and if you have visited some of the countries in this region, you most probably tried a sort of flat pita bread! Well, once you make these tasty flat discs, you’ll be…

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Keto Baking – 12 basic tricks; To Yeast or Not to Yeast?

Keto baking and its mastering requires more skills and experience than standard baking. Many Ketonians, especially those who recently switched to this healthier way of living, think that without sugar and gluten, our baked goodies cannot be compared to the classic versions of their favourite pastries. However, even for the standard baking, the appearance and…

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Nutty Keto bread, or is it a cake?

Nutty Keto bread stands exactly in between cake and bread departments. It can be a bread, but yet again it is a cake. It all depends on what you want to create. For a bread, you’ll use extra salt, for a cake you’ll just reach for more stevia or monk fruit sweetener. Nutty Keto bread…

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Integral Keto bread – for the lovers of vintage style

Integral keto bread that my wife and I baked recently was a huge hit among our friends! We prepared our Homemade cream cheese and some Cretan Dakos topping. Then we thought, let’s play with the bread. Why don’t we make a crunchy, old-fashioned, rustic bread to go with all of this? The ingredients, in this…