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Keto cheesecake

Keto cheescake, but can it be dairy-fre​e?

Keto cheesecake without cheese? How about that? Now, why would we exclude the magic ingredient of life? The mighty cheese has been adored by humans all around the globe for centuries! As you know, we keep giving laurels to goat and sheep dairy. Not to mention the incomparable buffalo Mozzarella […]

Oriental wind keto cake

Oriental Wind Keto Cake

Oriental Wind Keto cake is turbo inspired, aromatic and quite intensive in taste. If you are a lover of oriental desserts, then you know what it means! Take Baklava, Basbousa/Ravani or Halva for example… All these oriental treats, in their original forms, scream one thing – the villain called sugar! […]

Galactic centre – Aromatic and spacey Keto cake

Galactic centre, as a word or poetic expression sounds very food related if you happen to know Greek. Why is the word galaxy so similar to the word “gala” which means milk in Greek? Well, seems like our milky way reminded the ancient Greeks of milk so they called it “galaxias […]


Keto Vasilopita – Happy New Year Ketonia

Vasilopita cake, as an old Greek tradition, is cut by families on New Year’s day to bless the home and deliver prosperity in the next year. This is regularly arranged at midnight on New Year’s Eve all over Greece. Interestingly, this tradition includes a special coin which is hidden in […]


Keto Karidopita Waffles – Quick fix

Waffles are the ideal solution for quick cake cravings. Especially on Keto, you will be able to prepare just about any cake in 5 minutes if you use the basic batter and a quality waffle iron. For example, you can use our Red velvet cake batter and bake wonderful dark […]

Keto Hazelnut

Keto hazelnut cake – Let’s call it Foudoukopita

Keto hazelnut cake should be called Foudoukopita! Of course, if we follow the Greek tradition of naming the cake after the dominant ingredient. In fact, we already covered Karidopita (karidi / καρύδι /walnut) and many of you succeeded in preparing it. Naturally, one would think that the Greek word for hazelnuts (Foudouki) […]

Birthday Keto Cake

Ultimate Birthday Keto Cake

Birthday Keto cake comes as a symbol a long tradition. We grew up with a special cake for our birthdays and if ever, we deserve our own birthday cake even while we are on Keto! Now, we’ve covered the subject of healthy Keto dessert so many times, especially in our […]

Savoury Keto cake – Enjoyable cruciferous experience

Savoury Keto cake can come in all sorts of variations. However, would you expect it with cruciferous vegetables? Many Ketonians are struggling to take their 7 cups of vegetables per day while many Keto health evangelists recommend it! Doing Keto properly means having loads of vegetables, but we know that […]