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Cheese – The ultimate Ketonian guide to moderation

Cheese is life! Many would agree. In fact, if you are a lover of mythology, as we are, you will remember at least three stories about humans, gods and cheese. It’s even present in the famous Oddysy (See the movie trailer below) and that would be one of the healthiest cheeses humans can consume –…

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Keto Tiropita – For All the Lovers of Greek Cheese Pie

Keto Tiropita has already been a successful subject of my experiment with Phyllo dough. It’s the most famous Greek cheese pie that has been adored by tourists and Greeks for so many years. However, this time I decided to work on the dough a bit more so that we can avoid the typical aftertaste known to all who bake with Keto-friendly…

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Fried cheese balls – Keto version of Greek Tirokroketes

Fried cheese balls could be the tastiest bites you’ll ever try in Greece. In fact, if you ask me what is the food I would present to aliens if they landed in Greece, I would choose Tirokroketes. That is if the aliens would be ok with gluten, carbs and beer. Naturally, I am joking here….

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Dakos from Crete – Keto bread reformation

These days I’ve been asked about Keto bread by many followers and readers. This is why I decided to pay a tribute to my beloved island of Crete. This specific island could be considered as a small continent. They simply have everything to sustain life! From awesome climate to their own food production. No wonder…

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Saving your ketosis in a Greek taverna

Ketosis is the metabolic state that all of us Keto-people want to protect and maintain. Some of us even obsess about it! Of course, not all Keto enthusiasts are so strict. If you get kicked out of ketosis, in a couple of days you can easily work your way back in with some powerful fasting!…

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Kagiana: The Keto Spartan Recipe

The most beloved Greek omelet Greek cuisine uses tomatoes wherever possible. Not only for famous Greek salads, Moussaka and cooked meals but also in simple meals like Kagiana. This dish can be enjoyed at any time of day. Many will be surprised that it remains equally delicious and consistent even when it’s chilled for a few hours in…

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Saganaki Cheese the Olympian food

The mythological value of cheese Who doesn’t love cheese? Greek Gods did! They most certainly still love it. Many myths tell us about the mystery and adoration of cheese. For example, in Lithuanian mythology, Giant called Džiugas married a human woman, and made the legendary cheese to celebrate their unusual love. Džiugas taught humans the art of making…

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“Kleftiko” the unforgettable dish of my childhood

Slow cooking makes Kleftiko’s secret Growing up in a Greek family, I can say that I ate like a king! Especially when we had a Kleftiko day. Lots of Greeks could agree on this. Even though there are many carb-oriented dishes in Greek Mediterranean cuisine, this amazing treat is keto-friendly. Well, at least my version is…