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Fruit addiction and Ketonians – the ultimate guide to summer Odyssey

Fruit addiction should be treated as a separate thing from the classic sugar addiction. Saying that people who crave fruits are just craving sugar would be superficial. As a nutrition therapist, I have been working with people from all around the globe.

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Pickled Eggs – Greek Goes Keto summer edition

Pickled eggs saved us on many occasions! Surviving the heatwave in days or early August is a matter of experience for people who live in the Mediterranean zone. However, this summer, unbearable heat has reached Finland and England and other northern European countries! For Ketonians, all around the globe, sometimes heat gets even more difficult…

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Keto on vacations without cheating at all

Keto on vacations has never been easier. And here we talk about clean and healthy Keto lifestyle. this article will give you all the info you need.

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Keto summer appetisers with basil and fish roe

Keto summer recipes anyone? how about not turning on the stove or your oven at all? Wonderful, right?! Well, if you are preparing a nice meal with seafood, you might as well prepare a nice starter or appetiser to impress your guests or family. In fact, this particular recipe will give you an extra boost…

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Lemon ice cream – quickest keto dessert in the galaxy

Lemon trees grow everywhere around the Mediterranean sea. Of course, the best ones grow in the south of Italy, the region of Magna Grecia as we call it. Even in the overpopulated Metropolis of Athens, you’ll find them growing in the streets. Lemon is used in all courses of modern Greek cuisine. We could say it’s…

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Keto-adapted Greek meatballs (keftedes)

I believe every nation has their own version of meatballs. Some make them grilled, baked, others cook them in a thick sauce or even in the soup. In Greece, we like the meatballs swimming in a thick, aromatic, red tomato sauce or in creamy yellow Avgolemono (eggs and lemon) sauce. Personally, I cannot decide which…

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Quickest Keto Ice cream called Keto Blues

Quickest Keto Ice cream blues is here! Ice-cream became an urban legend, almost a matter of modern mythology. Billions of childhood stories and memories include this simple, yet irresistible frozen dessert. However, when you switch to Keto lifestyle, most probably you will have to fight this temptation in the days of high temperatures. Summer, vacations,…