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Keto Chicken Souvlaki on Rosemary Sticks

Keto Chicken dishes are extremely popular due to inexpensiveness and quick preparation. But it’s not always about the preparation time. Chicken Souvlaki is quite popular these days in Greece. I don’t know who started the fear of fat, so locals fanatically went for the chicken instead of pork. Keto chicken, on the other side, has to be coated in good fats.  What’s most disappointing, the Greek ditched lamb Souvlaki. I want to point out that there’s no better quality and nutritional value in any meat available to humans today than the juicy and delicious lamb!

What is the best meat for Souvlaki?

Of course, I am not tired of repeating, the best and most quality meat for Souvlaki or anything else is the almighty lamb! However, in Greece, especially in Athens, you will have some troubles finding lamb Souvlaki! Luckily, there are parts of Greece where the tradition of preparing lamb Souvlaki is still vividly present.

Keto Chicken
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For example, the picturesque city in the far west,  Ioannina (my roots are from there), takes pride in the best lamb Souvlaki you’ll ever try! If you are travelling by car, don’t forget to stop in Ioannina! Or make it a trip to historical Epirus, the region of most quality Keto friendly goat and sheep dairy products in Greece. Not only for historical significance, but also for the best lamb Souvlaki you’ll ever eat. Except if you decide to follow my previously published recipe and enjoy lamb souvlaki at home!

Keto Chicken Souvlaki alternation

Dear Ketonians, we are not afraid of fatty meat like the Greeks who switched to chicken Souvlaki – right? Of course, the fattier the better for us! Keto chicken meals can and should include all sources of good fat! This is why when we eat chicken we choose a fattier piece. Usually from the legs, wings and thighs. But, living in the modern era, we really get pressed by the offer of chicken breast.

Well, let me tell you something about the breast – no matter how great chef you are, they will always end up being dry after a few hours. They simply don’t have enough fat up and the texture is not going to be good if you decide to have a meal in the refrigerator for the next day. I know, today it’s the most affordable option, but then again – how safe is it?

Organic, free-range or whatever version they offer…

When preparing Keto chicken dishes, my wife and I always go for free-range, if it’s possible. Of course, it costs 4 times more, but the quality is incomparable. Keto chicken alternations are numerous. Luckily, organic chicken wings and legs are often the best solutions. You can learn the main difference in this great article.

Now, many of my clients ask me why am I so much against the breast in daily Keto chicken cooking. Is it because of the hormones? Well, this is a myth, and I can tell you, you don’t have to be scared of hormones in chicken breast. I am simply trying to avoid the macronutrient ratio confusion because they need to add fat to the breast. And they need to add the right sources of fat.

Chickens – organic or free-range are not injected with hormones

The application of hormones in the poultry industry has been forbidden for decades. However, many industries, occasionally, do unlawful things. The growth hormones are not one of the things they inject into the chicken because it doesn’t have a significant effect and it would cost them too much! let’s not forget, in the end, all the industries want is – money!

Rosemary chicken Souvlaki – something very Mediterranean

To make it taste phenomenal, I decided to present you one of the most popular Mediterranean preparation methods. Souvlaki, of course, always comes on a stick. But this time we’ll go for a real branch of rosemary. Nothing tastes better than rosemary on poultry, lamb and fish.

Here’s a little secret, when I want to make just about any dish to smell and taste more Mediterranean than usual, I always reach for rosemary. You can find it as a dried spice, or even better as a powder. But, nothing compares to a freshly picked branch of rosemary.

Antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds in Rosemary

Rosemary is a vibrant source of antioxidants and also has many anti-inflammatory syntheses, which can promote the immune system and enhance the blood circulation. In many European traditions, rosemary is frequently used to heal indigestion.

Interestingly, Germany’s Commission E has approved the utilisation of rosemary for the treatment of indigestion. According to a study described in Therapeutic Advances in Psychopharmacology, the fragrance of rosemary can improve concentration, work achievement, agility, and general mood.

Get to the skewer

No, I am not making fun of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s famous line “Get to the Choppa” or maybe I am… 🙂 But don’t worry, we will not burn the gentle rosemary sticks with the chicken… This recipe will make it possible to stab the rosemary branches through already cooked chicken! And then the aromatisation will take place! You will be able to eat it even the next day when the aromas will particularly be rich.

Chicken Souvlaki on Rosemary Sticks

Apollonas Kapsalis
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Marinating 2 hours
Total Time 20 minutes
Course Main Course
Cuisine Keto Mediterranean
Servings 8


  • 4 medium chicken breasts free-range or organic, boneless and skinless


  • 4 tbsp sour cream organic
  • 3 tbsp olive oil extra virgin
  • 3 tbsp melted butter grass-fed
  • 1 tsp freshly ground black, red, and white pepper mix
  • 1 tsp red paprika powder
  • 1/2 tsp sea salt
  • 1 small lemon (juice and zest)
  • 1 tsp dried peppermint
  • 1 tbs ground dry rosemary
  • 1 tsp garlic powder
  • 1 tsp dried oregano

Souvlaki tools

  • 8 freshly cut rosemary branches
  • 8 wooden skewers


  • Cut the chicken into cubes so that you get 8 cubes from each breast.
  • Mix all the ingredients for the marinade in a deep metallic or ceramic bowl and mix well with chicken cubes. Cover it and leave in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours. It would be ideal to leave it for 5 hours.
  • Thread the chicken cubes onto wooden skewers and grill them. IF you are using a conventional grill, brush some of the marinade mixture onto the Souvlaki sticks during the grilling. If you are using a grilling pan, use a mixture of olive and coconut oil in ratio 1:1. Keep adding the marinade during the frying process to keep the chicken moist.  
  • When the Souvlaki is ready and has a nice golden-brown colour, using a fork, gently take off all the cubes from the skewers. Let it cool down a bit and then thread the cubes (you already have the holes) on the freshly picked rosemary sticks which you washed and dried with a kitchen paper. Return it to grill or grilling pan for just 2-3 minutes to get warm again.
  • Serve with some Tzatziki sauce or a Greek salad prepared with Keto macros in mind, as you can see in the links. 
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Keto Chicken

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