Keto lifestyle – All the edible, natural and healthy colours from your kitchen

Keto lifestyle is so much more than just cooking or buying Keto friendly ingredients, counting macros and following Keto celebs on social media. Did you ever think about the colour of the food we consume? For example, colourful dishes are our passion! Maybe you have noticed how everything on Greek Goes Keto is intensive in colour! Well, even though colours are my profession, and I have been studying this for so many years now, I was intrigued by the study conducted on the influence of colour on the appetite. Let’s see what they say in the study:

To date, a large body of laboratory research has demonstrated that changing the hue or intensity/saturation of the colour of food and beverage items can exert a sometimes dramatic impact on the expectations, and hence on the subsequent experiences, of consumers (or participants in the lab).

Interesting, isn’t it? Well, it’s not that shocking, we all judge the books by their covers first. That’s more than typical for us humans.

Ketonian thinking

As Ketonians, we want only the best from both worlds. Yes, we want the gastronomical experience to continue, but we want it healthy, nourishing and healing! In today’s’ over-industrialised world, one cannot stop thinking if healthy, delicious and nutritious can be placed in the same sentence. Well, if you are visiting our blog for more than just a recipe, then you know that we love to discover the powerful healing effect of anti-inflammatory and ancient foods.

Keto lifestyle and the way we do it

We totally understand that time plays a major role in the decision to cook all your meals at home. Sometimes it’s not just the time, sometimes it’s also the will, the state of mind and even geographical position. If you did not already, please take a look at our article about Keto in the postindustrial era and see how you can survive the attach of modern food and pharma industry as an individual. Furthermore, here’s the LINK that can help you live your KMD (Keto Mediterranean Diet) regardless of your physical location.

Let’s talk about Food colours again

So, you want to prepare an attractive Keto cake, dessert or even a stew that will impress everyone and keep the Keto-negators angry. You’ve seen so many recipes and many of them just burst with colour! But, you don’t want to use artificial food colouring and sometimes you are just tired of trying. Maybe you want to impress children so that the whole family can enjoy your healthy and Keto friendly dessert? It can look and feel as good as carby version and bring smiles to faces. Well, it’s possible, and this simple guide will give you the right info on all the natural colours that you most probably already have in your kitchen.

Herbs, spices and all the other natural colours…

I went through the spectrum of colours and came up with a healthy alternative to almost every colour the food industry adds. Keto Lifestyle should be about finding healthy alternatives, don’t you agree?

These colours come from spices, herbs, fish and Keto friendly fruits and vegetables, so there’s literally no reason to worry. Of course, if you can find natural food colouring and you are not afraid to use a drop or two of it, you can get your creation coloured much easier. However, if you want to keep it 100% natural and safe, these ingredients will help you develop your artistic skills! Our planet and different cultures use many colourful spices. For example, the featured image in this article was taken in Maroco’s spice market. It’s not all 100% Keto lifestyle friendly, but it’s all natural and people have been using these natural colours to brighten up their meals for millennia.

The colourful spectrum of goodness


There’s only one thing that can give you the safety of natural blue colour in your Keto lifestyle. We already wrote an article about it and it’s called Butterfly pea. It’s a flower that is used for tea preparation. But you can make anything with this tea, from jellos to cupcakes or icing. Interestingly, this tea gives two different hues of blue (turquoise and indigo) by adding baking soda or lemon juice to it.


For savoury dishes, you will be surprised by the colour you can get from beet tops. Yes, they are Keto friendly and contain far fewer carbs then the roots. Of course, violet cabbage would be also a great colourant which you can blend and use the paste to make your dressing or sauce pink or violet.

When it comes to desserts, just by adding a few blueberries, chokeberries or blackberries to any smoothie you’ll succeed. Of course, if there was not too much green involved (from spinach or kale). You don’t have to worry about the carb content because you need less than 50g of squeezed dark berries to get a powerful colourant. If you want to get the full potential of colour, you need to blend the berries into a paste so that all the colour from the skin gets utilised.


In Keto world, we have to be careful with tomatoes due to high carb content. However, a single tablespoon of concentrated natural tomato paste will colour just about any soup, stew or dressing. Red paprika powder is even safer! With this wonderful and delicious spice, you can colour meat stews, soups, dressings, sauces and even omelettes. It simply goes with everything. If you are using red paprika for colouring up your dish, make sure it’s the sweet variety.

If you want a bright and powerful red in your desserts, nothing will work better than raspberry mash. Again, you’ll use around 50g of the fruit so don’t worry about the carbs. You need to blend them and then get rid of the seeds if you mind the texture. Red currant is another great berry that can give some nice colour to your Keto creations.


This should not be difficult. If you are preparing anything with free-range egg yolks, you’ll get the golden hue and wonderful creamy consistency. However, nothing can yellow up to a dish like a teaspoon (or even less) of organic curcuma. This powder can be used for savoury and sweet dishes, can be combined with lemon, dairy or butter. It has a strong flavour, so you better be careful with dosing. Maybe start with just a sprinkle and build up your nice yellow hue. Another light yellow colourant can be a well-infused camomile tea.


Nothing will give you nice orange colour and healthy nutrients like sea buckthorn. We already wrote 2 articles about them and we strongly invite you to try to find these berries. You can order them online in dried form, and then use in one million ways with all the benefits and beauty of their colour! In savoury dishes, mix red paprika and turmeric and you’ll get a nice orange hue. In desserts, you can add a bit of turmeric to berries.


Even the Food industry cannot find better food colouring than spinach. it’s just so intensive! For smoothies, you can use any green leafy vegetables or fresh peppermint leaves and get your smoothie as green as you want. You can keep the water in which you boiled spinach and use it as a colouring agent. However, it does have a strong smell, so it’s not quite usable in desserts. Here you can try matcha tea powder (or even chlorella powder) which is less intensive in flavour and can be combined with mint and lemon to create a refreshing effect. Furthermore, if you want just a slight hue of green in your desserts, lime zest is your best friend!


Don’t we all love cacao! Yes, not cocoa but cacao. Cocoa has been thermally processed and all the fat content reduced. We want organic cacao powder that comes in dark or light variety. Since you already know that all chocolate Keto desserts contain it, even the homemade chocolate does, you most probably know how to use it. Have in mind, raw cacao is not as bitter and the dark variety, and it also doesn’t have the colouring power. So if you want something dark, you will have to use dark cocoa powder. Don’t forget, Coffee is a wonderful colourant. You can mix the finely ground coffee or make a really strong cup of coffee and add it to your Keto creations, as we did in this recipe.


Believe it or not, in many countries, black cuttlefish ink is widely used for food preparation. It can even be bought in supermarkets and online both as ink and powder. The most famous dish is cuttlefish risotto but you can use this colourant to colour up just about anything since we don’t use rice. Even a dessert if you are feeling brave enough!


What colourful Keto creation from Greek Goes Keto is on your To-Do list?




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