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Keto dark chocolate triangles – Pleasure and Health

Keto dark chocolate desserts are adored by so many Ketonians around the globe. Yes, we like to experiment with the bitter-sweet combinations while knowing that the benefits and nutrients from dark cacao will give a healthy note to our Keto creations. However, finding Keto dark chocolate can be tricky. Especially if you rely on industrial…

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Soft and light Keto cake for the lovers of delicate treats

Soft and light is a term that is not present among Keto cakes that often. Naturally, if a cake falls into the Keto category, it’s difficult to make it soft and light with all that fat! However, if you add just a bit of bubbly sparkling mineral water, some orange zest and spices, you will…

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Greek yoghurt Keto ice pops with Sea Buckthorn and berries – Quickest possible!

Greek Yoghurt Keto ideas never grow old. Everybody loves Greek yoghurt, but we need to remember the important thing: Greek yoghurt originally was never made with cow’s milk! This is an invention of the modern dairy industry! In Greece, sheep and goats were dominant domesticated animals and cows were extremely rare. As you can read…

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Keto Lemon Bars – Summer Lemonopita version

Keto Lemon Bars will bring to you the best of our two most popular lemon infused recipes! Summer is almost here and in Greece, the season of refreshment already started. For this specific recipe, our famous Keto lemon bread served as the inspiration. Furthermore, we topped it with something similar to our Keto Lemon ice…

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Keto Strawberry Lemon pie – What a simple, yet powerful combo!

Keto Strawberry lemon pie is another simple ketonisation based on an old recipe from the long gone carby days! Even if you are not very skillful in the Keto kitchen, this pie will be a success. I know it looks complicated, but trust me, each and every step of this wonderful ketonisation pays off –…

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Silky Keto Cake for Lactose Intolerant Ketonians

Silky Keto Cake is all you’ve ever dreamt about when it comes to celebration and not eating carbs. I swear, even if you usually don’t love cake, not even Keto cake, this one will win your heart! Whether it’s a birthday or big holidays, you’ll be totally safe with this one. I specifically developed this…

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Quick Keto Vanilla Pudding With Honey Aroma

This Keto vanilla pudding is not a pudding at all, it’s more of a mousse. However, since it contains gelatine from Keto Honey substitute, the final result will be puddingish in texture. But the aroma… Ahh, the beautiful aroma of honey! Yes, we made a sugar-free honey substitute that you have to check in this LINK….

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Keto Tiramisu in just 10 minutes – lift me up Venetia!

Keto Tiramisu is often a subject of conversation among Keto foodies. In fact, many Ketonians tried different Keto and sugar-free variations of this coffee-infused dessert. In particular, Mascarpone cheese became popular thanks to this glorious Venetian invention. Since it’s Italian, it’s obviously within the Mediterranean tradition. Well, we can call it a newer tradition because…

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Keto Tiganites or Fritule – Mediterranean mini doughnuts

Keto Tiganites or even Lukumades could sound like another impossible task to anybody who knows Greek way of cooking! Flour, and then some more wheat flour! Right? Well, not quite right! To us, Keto Greeks, this is a challenge! Tiganites are almost ancient dessert which has been aromatising the kitchens and bakeries all over Greece…

Desserts | Mediterranean | Recipes

Keto orange pie – an artistic foodie project

Keto orange pie with no orange juice or pulp is our next fun project! Yes, you’ll enjoy creating this piece of art as much as you’ll enjoy eating it afterwards. Not only you, this brave “little” Keto orange cake (well, not so little) will impress just about anyone. Keto, Low-Carb, people will finally enjoy the…