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Quick Keto Vanilla Pudding With Honey Aroma

This Keto vanilla pudding is not a pudding at all, it’s more of a mousse. However, since it contains gelatine from Keto Honey substitute, the final result will be puddingish in texture. But the aroma… Ahh, the beautiful aroma of honey! Yes, we made a sugar-free honey substitute that you have to check in this LINK.

Fast Keto treats – but still healthy!

Even though we don’t like Keto treats made in the microwave, we love to experiment with fast Keto recipes. This one is the fastest if you already prepared your Keto honey substitute. If not, even that is really easy to prepare as you can see in our video! Furthermore, there are those situations when you have sudden guests and you really want to serve them something ketonised when they start asking about your diet! This quick recipe will be ideal for those specific moments!

Why sour cream is better than heavy cream?

There are numerous reasons. Firs, sour cream is already fermented, it’s like Greek yoghurt, only better! Basically, it contains beneficial probiotics and far less sugar than whipping cream. Secondly, in today’s market, it’s almost impossible to find heavy whipping cream without added carrageenan and other questionable, often unhealthy, stabilisers. Even if you manage to find heavy whipping cream without these stabilisers, you will most probably have to pay a triple price! So, just use sour cream! In most of the cases, the mild sourness will help your Keto-friendly sweeteners taste better. Stevia, for example, has this typical aftertaste due to its alkaline nature. When mixed with sour ingredients, stevia tastes so much better!

All the mighty nutrients in Keto vanilla pudding

Keto honey substitute on its own is a mineral bomb due to bee pollen content. And then you add some dark cacao, so you end up with the ultimate antioxidant boost! On top of all, your Keto vanilla pudding will be ready in 5 minutes, plus 20 minutes freezing time! Voila! You’ll enjoy the best Keto dessert served in a glass or in a bowl with all the benefits of Keto Mediterranean lifestyle:

• Healthy

• Natural

• Delicious

• Seductive 

Keto vanilla pudding with honey aroma

Cook Time 5 minutes
freezing 20 minutes
Total Time 25 minutes
Course Keto Dessert
Cuisine Keto Mediterranean
Servings 4


  • 400 g (1.5 cups) sour cream at least 30% fat
  • 100 g (1/3 cup) Keto honey substitute
  • 1 tbsp vanilla extract organic
  • 4 micro scoops 100% stevia extract
  • 2 tbsp dark cacao powder organic


  • 4 pieces walnuts or any nut of your choice
  • 4 pinches Ceylon cinnamon


  • In a deep saucepan place sour cream and Keto honey substitute. Heat it over medium temperature and stir with a whisk to unify. Add vanilla extract and let it simmer for 3-4 minutes. 
  • Take out 4 tablespoons of the mixture into a hot cup (heat it by immersing the cup in hot water) and add cacao powder. Stir well to get smooth chocolate mousse.
  • Pour in the rest of the mixture into 4 dessert glasses. Then decorate each with the chocolate mixture that you created in the cup.
  • Decorate with Ceylon cinnamon and walnuts (or any nuts of your choice)
  • Freeze for 20 minutes before serving, or place the pudding in the refrigerator for at least 3 hours before serving. 
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Keto Vanilla

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