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Keto Koulourakia -The famous Greek Easter Cookies

Keto Koulourakia turned out much better than the original version. We both were surprised. Not only that they have better flavour, but they also have a much better texture. Of course, the reason for this is the absence of gluten and starch. Never have we been more satisfied with the ketonisation as with this recipe!…

Desserts | Mediterranean | Recipes

Low-Carb Greek Tsoureki – You requested – We decarbonised it!

Low-Carb Greek Tsoureki is here Ketonians! After receiving numerous requests we finally succeeded to make it as low in carbs as possible! At the same time, we managed to preserve the typical flavour! Well, we even enhanced it a bit! I believe by adding more butter to Tsoureki, you are already making it taste so…

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Wild asparagus salad – Keto friendly food from the forest

Wild asparagus, in principle, is quite different from cultivated asparagus in several ways. However, this nutritious plant remains a reliable source of minerals like all asparagus varieties. Cultivated asparagus almost has the same appearance as wild asparagus, but it’s usually thicker and bigger. Wild asparagus are perennials, providing a nutritious source for a wild-greens lover….

Desserts | Mediterranean | Recipes

Greek yoghurt Keto cake – The champion of no-bake goodies

Greek yoghurt Keto cake is not a cheesecake, even though it looks that way! This wonderful ketonisation is based on real Greek yoghurt but it still has good Keto macros and it’s as nutritious as any other Greek Goes Keto cake! When it comes to texture, it features the same amount of creaminess and jello-ness!…

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Golden flaxseed Keto bread – Another tasty Ketonisation

Golden Flaxseed has been around humans for centuries. They belong to one of the oldest human foods, rich in omega-3 fatty acids, soluble and insoluble fibre, proteins, vitamin B1, magnesium, zinc and selenium. Even if you are not a Ketonian, chances are you heard about golden flaxseed due to your gluten intolerance. Golden flaxseed meal really…

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Wonderful Keto pudding – Dairy free, Zero sweetener, Turbo delicious

Wonderful Keto pudding! Yes, no fancy-schmancy ancient Greek-inspired name this time! Just Wonderful Keto Pudding. I created this recipe with all of you good Ketonians who can’t have any dairy products in mind. We’ve received many messages and questions if we can create Keto recipes for people that can’t have dairy. Not even the magical…

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Weight-Loss Plateau – Easiest and quickest explanation and solution

Weight-Loss plateau is a subject that bothers many Ketonians whose “residence certificate” has just been issued in the land of Ketonia. Well, I mean if they just switched to Keto in the past month or two… The ketogenic diet is not just a diet and you probably heard this one million times before. In fact, it’s…

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Beef Carnoff – Quickest gourmet experience for Keto Carnivores

Beef “Carnoff” as a dish does not yet exist on the internet! Trust me, I googled, and I did not find it. Well, I am going to change the things and add Beef Carnoff name to the search engines! Presenting the best and easiest way you can impress any Ketonian or Carnivore coming to your…

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Oriental Wind Keto Cake

Oriental Wind Keto cake is turbo inspired, aromatic and quite intensive in taste. If you are a lover of oriental desserts, then you know what it means! Take Baklava, Basbousa/Ravani or Halva for example… All these oriental treats, in their original forms, scream one thing – the villain called sugar! We’ve learned we can live…

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4 guilt-free fruit juices on Keto – Healthy, Low GI, Detoxing

Fruit juices on Keto? No, thank you. Or, wait… maybe there are some juices you can say big YES to!!! What if I tell you that these 4 beverages,  in essence, fruit juices – will boost your vitamin, mineral and antioxidant intake and you can have them without worrying about your carbs? Of course, most…