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Keto angel cake – light as a feather, simple as a piece of cake

Keto Angel cake was more of a hybrid between Japanese wind cake and Havana cake but it came out so perfectly light that I simply had to publish it! Sometimes the simplest ingredients hide the most magic! Original Angel food cake lacks butter and that’s the biggest crime, in my opinion! Butter is the essence…

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Keto lemon jam – Pump up the flavour

Keto lemon jam is as easy as any version of our raw Keto marmalades or jams. But, it also features the secret powers of lemon. This wonderful fruit is the only citrus that offers an extremely low amount of sugar and we need more of that on Keto!

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Keto Rabbit stew – A Greek Twist to famous Hasenpfeffer

Keto rabbit stew is so delicious and nutritious that you can treat it as medicinal food. Try this outstanding Greek recipe with Keto macros.

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Keto choco crepes with lemon yoghurt sauce

Keto choco crepes saw the light of Greek afternoon as an ideal brunch. As you might already know, we don’t actually promote having breakfast in the morning. We believe that fasting in the morning gives a lot of benefits and speeds up the fat loss process. Not only that we believe it, we saw it…

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Keto Strawberry Lemon pie – What a simple, yet powerful combo!

Keto Strawberry lemon pie is another simple ketonisation based on an old recipe from the long gone carby days! Even if you are not very skillful in the Keto kitchen, this pie will be a success. I know it looks complicated, but trust me, each and every step of this wonderful ketonisation pays off –…

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Keto Hydration – Refreshing infused water for after the festivities

Keto hydration is as important as macronutrient ratio! Judging from the historical books, eating excess amounts of food during the festivities has been a habit humans have been practising for more than 4 millennia now. It’s simple! When we want to celebrate, we always do it with food! Our close emotional response to food has…

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Christmas Edition of Glorious Keto Lemon Bread

Christmas edition of cake and bread always brings a lot of joy and passion. Keto lemon bread is the most successful recipe we created here at Greek Goes Keto. All the positive feedback we received from Ketonians who gave it a go made us really excited. I think we made it at least 12 times…

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Keto Giouvarlakia Avgolemono

Keto Giouvarlakia Avgolemono is our new success! Since I am on Zero carb diet, my wife and I are trying to find more dishes that will fit the macros of both of our lifestyles. Especially now that the winter has arrived and we eat more soups. She is sticking to Keto Mediterranean lifestyle, but very often…

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Keto dessert – Greek Galaktoboureko inspiration

These days I got quite inspired to create Keto dessert recipes. Well, it’s summer and I am spending it in Greece. The temptations are on every corner. Naturally, I am giving my best to make all the alterations healthy! The Keto dessert recipes on this site are made with organic, natural and nutritious ingredients. Basically,…

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Keto meatballs with avgolemono sauce

My previous recipe for Greek keto meatballs went quite well on all social media. Followers asked me if they cook be prepared without tomato sauce. Well, of course, I remembered the famous Greek sauce which is totally Keto friendly. We call it avgolemono (αυγολέμονο) which literally means egg and lemon. Believe it or not, this…