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Keto dessert – Greek Galaktoboureko inspiration

These days I got quite inspired to create Keto dessert recipes. Well, it’s summer and I am spending it in Greece. The temptations are on every corner. Naturally, I am giving my best to make all the alterations healthy! The Keto dessert recipes on this site are made with organic, natural and nutritious ingredients. Basically, if you check the nutritional values, any of these Keto desserts can serve as a meal replacement.

Ever since I’ve started this blog, I’ve been asked by Greek cuisine fans to create a Keto version of famous Galaktoboureko. Now, this is a big challenge! Not because of the aromatic and unique milk cream, but because of the phyllo dough. I have created a Keto version of phyllo dough earlier, but this one wouldn’t be the best solution for Galaktoboureko.

What makes Galaktoboureko so special?

Well, Galaktoboureko is unique in many ways. The crunchy phyllo dough is concealing one of the tastiest pastry creams made with eggs, butter, milk and orange zest. However, the original version is made with sugar and cornstarch. This part is easy to alter and substitute with Keto ingredients. But, let’s not forget, phyllo dough has to be as thin as a sheet of paper. This is something that requires more time and experimenting. I promise you, with the help of my wife, I will come up with a solution to this. We might even come up with a Keto baklava recipe! That would be a huge hit!

Keto dessert with flambé merengue

I thought to myself, Galaktoboureko is beloved mainly for its amazing cream. The crunchy effect of phyllo dough can be created with eggwhite merengue treated with some flamethrower! And this is how an amazing dessert was born! It’s actually easy to make and even beginners can succeed! If you are not accustomed to the flamethrower, you can place your dessert in a heat resistant bowl and finish it in the oven to get the crunchy meringue on top. As always, I recommend using only the top quality organic eggs, cream, butter and lemon. Also, we’ll use some orange peel essential oil because nothing gives Galaktoboureko its final touch as the smell of orange. So, let’s get to work and make everybody impressed with your new Keto dessert!

Keto Galaktoboureko in a glass

Apollonas Kapsalis
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 25 minutes
Course Keto Dessert
Cuisine Keto Mediterranean
Servings 4


  • 4 medium eggs free ranged
  • 300 ml heavy cream Carrageenan* free
  • 100 g butter grass-fed, unsalted
  • 4 tbsp stevia powder or according to your sweetener power
  • 1 tsp ground vanilla bean organic
  • 1 tsp cinnamon organic
  • 50 ml lemon juice organic
  • 1 tbsp orange zest finely grated
  • 1 tbsp lemon zest finely grated
  • 2 tbsp beef gelatine grass fed
  • 50 ml filtrated water for the gelatine
  • 12 drops orange peel essential oil organic


  • Divide the egg whites from yolks and place the egg whites in a container with a lid. Keep them in the refrigerator while you're working on the cream. 
  • Beat the egg yolks with 3 tbsp stevia, ground vanilla, cinnamon, orange and lemon peel. When the eggs get fluffy, add lemon juice and keep beating. 
  • Place the cream and butter in a deep pot and bring it to a boil. 
  • Remove the cream and butter mixture from heat and start adding the egg yolk mixture. Keep whisking energetically and return on the stove but this time on very low temperature. Keep whisking! 
  • Mix gelatine with 50 ml water and add to the mixture. Mix until the gelatine is completely dissolved. Remove from heat and add orange peel essential oil drops. 
  • Pour the cream in the heat resistant glass or ceramic bowls. Place them in the refrigerator.
  • Using a high speed on your hand mixer beat the egg whites with 1 tbsp stevia and 1 tbsp lemon juice. Beat until the meringue becomes thick and firm. 
  • Place the meringue mixture in a cake decorating syringe and create cups on top of each cream. 
  • Using the flamethrower, treat each meringue until it gets slightly brown and creates a crust. (Alternatively, you can place the heat resistant bowls in the oven at 100ºC and use only the top heater. Wait until the tops get slightly brown and remove from the oven. 
  • Serve well chilled.


Carrageenan* is an additive usually added to milk cream by industrial producers. Try to avoid it at any cost! You can read more about the health hazard that Carrageenan can cause in this link.
Opt for organic milk cream without any additives, sweeteners or stabilisers. 
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