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Quickest Keto Mediterranean liquid meal on-the-go!

Quickest Keto Mediterranean meal is ideal for days when you simply can’t find time to cook. Not even to cut some cheese or lunch meat. It’s usually those days when you are on vacations or when your daily to-do list is enormous. But worry not, we got you covered with a tasty idea from Keto…

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Keto friendly cocktail with spacey inspiration

Keto friendly cocktail creation is equally tempting as Keto desserts and my passion for experimenting will never end! Naturally, you can’t use just any fruit juice or alcoholic beverage and proclaim it Keto. Sugar is hidden in every single ingredient of classic cocktails that you simply can’t rely on them. But, luckily, there are those ingredients known to Ketonian that are simply Keto friendly to the full potential!

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Sea Buckthorn Keto connection – Healthiest fruit on Earth

Sea Buckthorn Keto connection is such an extraordinary discovery we made a couple of years ago.  This deserves a whole article about it on Greek Goes Keto! In fact, when Alexander the Great discovered Sea buckthorn (Hippophae) berries, the secret of ancient Tibetan medicine has finally been revealed. For thousands of years, Tibetans have been…