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Keto strawberry Marmalade – Raw and healthy low-carb treat

Keto strawberry marmalade is the safest fruit condiment you can prepare if you miss the fruity flavour and want your fruits to be low in sugar. Now that the summer is almost reaching its last weeks, the season of homemade marmalades and jams is just around the corner.

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Ground seeds Keto crepes with creamy berries

Ground seeds, as you might have noticed, are our favourite substitute for nut-based flours. Why do we avoid nuts? well, not all the time, but for all the Ketonians who want to put a pause of nut consumption, whether it’s for trying to overcome the weight loss plateau or maybe due to the allergy, and…

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Keto Strawberry Lemon pie – What a simple, yet powerful combo!

Keto Strawberry lemon pie is another simple ketonisation based on an old recipe from the long gone carby days! Even if you are not very skillful in the Keto kitchen, this pie will be a success. I know it looks complicated, but trust me, each and every step of this wonderful ketonisation pays off –…

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Creamy Keto Strawberry Jello

Creamy Keto recipes are all over this website, aren’t they? Well, that is because we love sour cream. Now, you might know that we are not quite fans of cow’s milk products. However, we are aware that it’s not easy to find goat milk products everywhere on this planet. That’s actually sad, but what can…

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Keto Waffle – the healthiest version

Waffle throughout history Waffle, a seductive cake that we know today dates back to the 13th century. But I wouldn’t be a real Greek if I didn’t dig a bit deeper into the historical facts!  An archaeological artefact was found in Greece and it could be described as a version of ancient “waffle press”. You…

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Quickest Keto Ice cream called Keto Blues

Quickest Keto Ice cream blues is here! Ice-cream became an urban legend, almost a matter of modern mythology. Billions of childhood stories and memories include this simple, yet irresistible frozen dessert. However, when you switch to Keto lifestyle, most probably you will have to fight this temptation in the days of high temperatures. Summer, vacations,…