Hollandaise sauce

Best Keto sauces to make any dish festive

Best Keto sauces can be based on meat, seafood, eggs, butter or even some Keto-friendly vegetables. Sauces can make any dish better, tastier or visually attractive. if we look at them from a historical point of view, chefs from ancient times used butter and eggs to thicken just about anything and turn it into a sauce. But ever since starch entered the stage, all sorts of traditional sauces have been thickened with the simple addition of flour. Even though it’s effective and quick, it simply is not the healthiest option. The heaviness of digestion triples with every spoon of wheat or corn flour added. For this reason, every Low-Carb or Keto food blogger should dedicate the time to the subject of sauces, dips, gravies…

Best Keto sauces with the reduction method

Whenever you’re sauteing something, you can prepare a wonderful sauce by utilising the reduction method. However, the reduction is a kind of activity for the patient and if you don’t feel particularly patient on that day, better skip it. Simmering liquids till the point they turn into a thick sauce can sometimes last for hours. However, there’s a trick here, a wide pan will allow more of the liquid to evaporate, so you will get the results quicker. Another great way to speed up the reduction is the addition of grass-fed beef gelatine. Whenever you are thickening a sauce based on meat or fish stock, this is actually what happens naturally. So just add more of the good stuff, and enjoy the great feeling and health benefits of gelatine.

Greek Goes Keto example – Keto version of Osso buco

Almighty eggs and lemon, Avgolemono sauce

You might know it as Avgolemono soup, but Greeks often use the same method to create a delicious sauce. We wrote about it on so many occasions and we use this method whenever we can. The best example comes in a form of our meatballs in Avgolemono sauce as shown below. You can use this type of sauce for dolmades, burgers or even with steak. Experimenting will give you new ideas.

Greek Goes Keto example – meatballs in avgolemono sauce

Best Keto Béchamel version

Nothing is more popular in European cuisine than this thick white sauce. Lasagna, Moussaka, or any type of dish prepared in a casserole – it goes everywhere. However, did you know that those quality versions in the culinary history did not contain flour or starch? The thickest kind of cream was used. Well, to imitate that, we came up with the idea of using Mascarpone and eggs. The result was wonderful. Just look at our Zero Carb Pastitsio or our Keto moussaka! They both taste better than the version where bechamel sauce is made with butter, flour and milk. As an example, we give you our carnivore moussaka invention!

Greek Goes Keto example – Carnivore moussaka

Best Keto red sauce without using tomatoes

Tomatoes are just everywhere when you think about salsas and sauces. This type of fruit has found its way into savoury dishes all around the globe. Think about the concentrated tomato paste – Every house in the Mediterranean zone always has a jar or a squeezable tube of it. Even though a single tablespoon will not destroy the macros in your Keto dish, we started experimenting with another fruit and got fabulous results! Tomato has been over-popularised by different types of Bolognese sauces and salsas, but you will be surprised how much magic is hidden in the forest! Rosehips, as we wrote on so many occasions, are Keto-friendly little bombs of minerals and vitamin C. To my surprise, the flavour of rosehips with salt and pepper resembled the flavour of the tomato sauce. I am not saying it’s identical, but it’s quite similar. With the addition of red paprika powder and hibiscus, this sauce will be your next favourite red sauce for any type of meat.

Greek Goes Keto example – Lamb burgers in rosehip sauce

Best Keto sauces with yolks and butter

You can prepare a Mediterranean mayonaisse the way we did, by using a light variety of olive oil. You can also try our version of tartar sauce. However, our Hollandaise sauce is definitely a richer version with the same basic ingredients. This is something that tastes equally good if you serve it warm or cold. Naturally, there are variations based on the type of butter you use, but the principles are always the same. The emulsification of egg proteins with slowly adding fat during the mixing process! By following our quick version which uses blender power, you’ll be able to prepare Hollandaise sauce in just a couple of minutes.

Greek Goes Keto example – Mediterranean version of Hollandaise sauce

Best Keto sauce with chocolate!?

Can chocolate be used for savoury dishes? How about using it with meat? The answer is YES and you will love it even if you never combined chocolate with main courses. This wonderful sauce calls for some free spirit and an open-minded attitude. However, if you prepare it, you’ll have it as one of your favourite sauces for festivities and special occasions. The recipe is simple, delicious and quite nutritious. This could be one of the most unusual sauces you can find on the Greek Goes Keto website, but hey – you’ll never know, it might steal your heart.

Greek Goes Keto example – Gourmet Keto chocolate meat sauce

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