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Keto Greek adventure started almost a year ago. Every time I receive feedback from my social media friends and followers I get motivated to continue this project with all the passion and determination. I started this blog for all of you who want to improve your lives. For those who want to live a game-changing lifestyle – The Keto Mediterranean way. As you already know, ketogenic lifestyle is a brave step in the right direction. Whether you choose to stay withing LCHF or move to the Carnivore department you are making a good decision. Whichever of our sister lifestyles you choose, you will end up with more health benefits.

Keto Greek on Twitter

From all the social media, I found the most interesting Ketonians on Twitter. During my long Greek vacation, I was really delighted to encounter Scott Kilmer on the endless sea of Twitterworld. An American carnivore with Mediterranean soul and awesome kitchen skills! Today I think, he is a Keto Greek from the bottom of his heart. After seeing photos of the meals he prepared by following my recipes, I got even more intrigued. Some of these photos say much more than any words could (look below). Very soon we connected on Facebook and Scott became a star in our two groups: Keto Mediterranean diet group and Keto recipes for beginners and more are the ideal way to stay in touch with my wife and me. Also, you can meet many more Keto Greek food enthusiasts.

Interview with a Ketonian

My wife got an idea to feature Scott in our blog. –We should interview him on his life story! – She said… However, in the meantime, Scott sent us an amazing story, written quite creatively and originally! We decided not to destroy Scott’s original writing form and present you his story the way he wrote it! It’s very motivating and refreshing!

If you would like to be featured in my new category –Testimonials, I invite you to write a few words on your life journey, experiences and Keto Mediterranean adventures. Furthermore, if you have tried out any of my recipes, please send us a few words and photos. Nothing talks about the project better than testimonials. 

Keto Moussaka by Scott Kilmer

Scott’s story

Lived on the standard American diet for the first 44 years of my life. You know, the one the Doctors and Nutritionists swore on-low fat, watch your cholesterol, lots of fibre blah blah blah. At one point in my 30’s, I was at a robust 232 lbs and at 5’10” amassed a pretty big beer/bloat belly.

Health problems

Then slowly but surely I started to have health problems, Back issues, cholesterol issues, had my thyroid removed, shortness of breath and just plain gross feeling of being. I began trying every diet possible. Weight Watchers, South Beach, Suzanne Somers, Atkins, cleanses, etc. Some worked but only temporary because they were unsustainable. In 2012 I moved to Las Vegas from the East Coast and shortly after in 2013 I discovered the Paleo lifestyle. It was perfect for me. You see, I love to cook, and finally found a diet/lifestyle where the food I cooked tasted great to me and for those, I cooked for.

The blueberry cobbler

This was a hit at every party for the next few years. I lost about 25 pounds in the first 3 months on that Paleo lifestyle of eating right, walking long distances, sprints, and lifting heavy things. I started to read every label, preached it to the masses, dove in head first and sprinted to better health. Then it happened again, I slowly started wanting the beer and the nachos, and the pizza and the ice cream and I could have all those things made in a Paleo kind of way (sans the beer). The weight started to creep back on and I was back in the 210’s by late 2017. That’s when I started reading Dr Shawn Baker’s tweets on the Carnivore lifestyle.

Only meat??

You gotta be crazy. No way, Unsustainable! I’ve been there. But the results… My doctor’s told me to watch my meat consumption. Be careful of cholesterol. Eat more fruits and veggies. Then more people started chiming in and how it worked for them. How simple it was. Economical. Then showed their numbers. Really, all meat produced lower cholesterol? No more joint pain? Ok, let’s give it a try.

My wife was like here we go again!

On 1/1/18 after a massive New Year’s Day Chinese food feast for the ages I topped back out at 222 lbs. Starting the next day I was eating only meat. The first couple days were rough. I mean rough. Lethargy (I wasn’t eating enough), pain, fatigue, funky bowel activity….no way I can do this. Then it started happening. I woke up feeling great. The aches and pains started going away. No more bloating. Bowel activity reduced and normalized. The weight was flowing off. I was in the 190’s by January 27th (first time since 2013 when I hit 196 for a week, but before that hadn’t been in the 190’s since college—think 1990s). 

All this with NO Exercise

When I went to get my bloodwork done in April my Doctor laughed. Only meat?? I was borderline ready for Cholesterol meds at my last visit. We both waited a couple weeks for the results. On April 12th, the proof came in. Best numbers he had seen on my chart in 6 years. “Only meat,’ he said. Eggs, cheese, and seafood too, but mainly meat, yes sir. “Go have an extra steak today,” he laughed. Three months later I have tickled the 180’s on the scale and continue down Carnivore Lane.

Discovering Greek Goes Keto

A month ago, I started seeing posts from Keto Greek. Wait, what?? Desserts?? I love desserts. I miss desserts. I used to be a badass baker. But my time in the kitchen had been waning since carnivory took over. Not to mention, I was brought up as a Greek. I actually thought I was Greek for 47 years until squashed that theory (another story). So I tried one Keto Greek recipe and it was good. Then another. Wow, this is healthy?? Better be careful, the weight is gonna start to come back eating dessert like Key Lime pie or lemon cake. Only weight was lost though, hmmmmmmmm. Maybe this was God’s way of showing me even though my blood wasn’t Greek, I am Keto Greek at heart. Apollonas and Roberta started asking for suggestions. I offered some. They obliged and here we are today.

The inspiration

They inspire me to get back in the kitchen and male delicious healthy desserts/dishes now and I am so grateful. Thank you. I now consider myself a Ketonivore. A mash between a carnivore who loves his new Keto dessert options. A match made for the Gods and dropped from the mount Olymp.

 By the power vested in me by KMD movement

Scott Kilmer, I pronounce you  



Keto Greek

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